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BTCX, an abbreviation for ”Bitcoin Exchange”, is a Swedish service for the exchange of virtual currencies, with Bitcoin being the most popular. The service is owned and run by the Swedish company Goobit AB. Goobit was founded in autumn 2011 by Christian Ander and started operations with the brand BTCX in January 2012. It was then the first service of its kind in the world, Sweden’s first Bitcoin company and the second in Europe after the Slovenian Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp. BTCX launched Sweden’s first point-of-sale payment service for Bitcoin December 2013. Dragon’s Lair, a board games store, was the first user/client, which then also became the first company in Stockholm to accept bitcoin over the counter.[1] BTCX also has a digital wallet service for Bitcoin on Android phones and on its platform on the web, BT.CX.



The service was announced January 29, 2012[2] and is based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

In May 2016 BTCX announced a cooperation with the NGO Water Aid where Water Aid got help setting up a bitcoin wallet and signed an agreement with BTCX to exchange bitcoins collected to Swedish crowns at zero fee[3]

Today there are two services from BTCX available in Sweden; and The latter is also available in the entire EU with direct payment services available in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Austria. The Company is domiciled and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Information about the tokens

  • The name of the token: BTCx
  • Decimal: 8
  • Symbol: BTCx
  • Total supply: 21 000 000
  • Contact address: 0x5A82De3515fC4A4Db9BA9E869F269A1e85300092

When buying and selling bitcoins, the exchange bases their price on current market price from the MtGox and adds a small trading fee on top.


Exclusive Interview with BTCX CEO Christian Ander

Compared to Bitcoin BTCx, highlighting important benefits. The main feature of this is that bitcoin is written in a much more useful Turing application language than a cluster-based. This adds a significant plus to BTCx. BTCx is 40 times faster than bitcoin. The reason for this is that the block interval is 14 seconds. This time 10 minutes. Because of these time blocks, usage is allowed in daily life. In this system, which can do 25 Tx per second, the speed of Tx is reduced to 0.2 dollar. For this reason, it can be used everywhere in the future. When shopping, we can easily use BTCx. Long-term approval periods such as bitcoin are not available in this coin. BTCx is a bit safer than bitcoin. This superiority, arising from the use of the algorithm Ethash matters to BTCx. In BTCx, everyone can build smart contracts and cost much less.

ICO of this project will begin on December 11. It is expected that the Ico will be sold in etherdelta and HitBTC. It is also planned to place on major exchanges. This shows what a big goal the project is. In the first quarter of 2018, usage will be available on some Internet sites. In accordance with this plan, the necessary measures are being taken. The founders of BTCx, who agree with the new partners, will have explanations on this matter. In the second half of 2018, integration activities with some systems are expected to be completed. This area will extend the use of BTCx.

Deposit and withdrawal

The platform works with money such as Swedish Krona and Euro. From cryptocurrencies supports bitcoin and ethereum.

The following payment methods are available:

  • SWISH — application for payment using a mobile device that supports most of the Swedish banks. In this case, you must also verify the phone number.
  • Direktbetalning (Handelsbanken) — money transfer via Internet banking. It is carried out using Pay payment system.
  • Transfer money through Bank giro.
  • SEPA Wire Transfer is a payment method that covers banks in more than 3 dozen countries, primarily the European Union.

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