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Bter is a Chinese Blockchain Assets Trading Platform established in 2012 by Jinan Manwei Information Technology co., Ltd. The objective of the exchange is to provide safe, efficient and honest services of cryptocurrency trading. BTER is another of the hybrid fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto exchanges. Although they had a rocky start to 2015 with a severe security breach, they have gradually reopened markets and have dealt with the situation in a professional manner.


Details exchange crypto to USD

Bter is one of the few exchanges working also with fiat money, in this case it is us dollars and Chinese yuan. Trading on the exchange is carried out in 100 cryptocurrencies. This platform is protected by , Web application Firewall, manual confirmation of withdrawal, as well as two-stage authentication with one-time passwords Google. Most of the funds in the system are stored in cold wallets.

Bter has created a special software called BterTrader. BterTrader is a tool that allows you to track your trading performance, moving averages and market depth directly from your computer screen. There are also the Android and AppStore Bter apps.

Supported languages: Chinese, English.


Commissions for trading and withdrawals are the lowest in the entire field of exchange trading. There is a 0.2% charge for the purchase and sale. The exchange offers a unique investment program, with the help of which it is possible to earn 10-12% per year on the return on investment ratio, while the withdrawal is carried out without a fee. The dividends are collected once a day, the interest rate is from 0.1% to 2% per annum.


Bter suffered a major hack recently, losing 7170 BTC (US $1 600 000) that had been in cold storage. Since then, they have reopened, claiming a temporary solution with a permanent fix on the way. They are slowly paying back the missing funds to their users through their fees. Bter has been the victim of two separate hacks in recent times, and have shown a willingness to accept the punishment for their failure and ensure their users are made whole–but will they be able to keep it up? They have a difficult road ahead: they must regrow volume to generate fees to pay their users back with. If they are unable to, they will be in real trouble.

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