CCG Mining

CCG Mining is a company for cloud mining operating since 2016. It is registered in the UK and has offices in several countries: Russia, Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic and Austria. In total, 16 Russian, Ukrainian and Polish specialists in the field of blockchain work in the team. The founder of the company is Michal Kwiecinski. The main advantage of CCG mining is a team of highly qualified specialists who are able to overcome any difficulties and quickly adapt the algorithm of the service to the changing market trends. Their goal is to create the most powerful computing resource in Europe.

Data centers are located in Poland, but their location is not disclosed for security purposes. The company uses NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, ATI, BITMAIN and Canaan hardware.



Cloud mining is available in 6 types of cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Dash;
  • Litecoin;
  • Monero;
  • Zcash.

The service uses three main algorithm of the extraction amount of cryptocoins: SHA-256, ETHASH, EQUIHASH.


The interface of the official site is convenient and translated into several languages. The site is hosted in Germany, and the average flow of customers is 70 thousand people per month. For its users, the company provides round-the-clock online support, as well as constantly informs customers about news, promotions and bonuses in social networks.

How it works

Purchase of the contract is available to all users immediately after registration on the official website. In order to protect their account, as well as to recover their password (in case of loss) a system of verification of users by e-mail introduced on the site.

Before confirming the registration, users should read the user agreement, confirm its reading and enter a captcha.

After registration, users can pay for the hashing immediately. The accrual of the extracted crypto-signs is carried out once a month on the 15th, and the extraction begins from the moment of payment.

Fees and prices

It is possible to sign contracts for the production of several cryptocurrencies. Fixed term service contract for Bitcoin mining and the Dash is 1 year, for all others — 2 years.

For each cryptocurrency available for mining, the service offers three contracts.


  • Mini: cost — $9.89, power-100GH/s
  • Initial: cost – $32.99; power 400 —GH / s
  • Advanced: cost — $1849.99; power -25000 GH/s


  • Initial: cost — $27.99; power-1MH/s
  • Amateur: cost — $825.99; power 30 MH / s
  • Advanced: cost — $2659.99; power-100 MH/s


  • Mini: cost — $17,29; power-100 GH/s
  • Initial: cost — $49.99; power-400 GH/s
  • Advanced: cost — $2959.99; power -25000 GH/s


  • Initial: cost — $25.99; power-2 MH/s
  • Amateur; cost — $616.99; power-50 MH/s
  • Advanced: cost -2279.99$; power-200 MH/s


  • Initial: cost — $46.99; power-60 H/s
  • Amateur: cost — $769.99; power-100 H/s
  • Advanced: cost — $2219.99; power -3000 H/s


  • Initial: cost — $34.99; power-20 H/s
  • Amateur: cost -425.99$; power-50 H/s
  • Advanced: cost — $4389.99; power -2600 H/s

Mini contracts and fee for service has rates for Bitcoin and Dash. The cost of service is 1 GH / s per day for BTC is 0.00034 USD, for Dash — 0.00037 USD. This amount includes payment for consumed electricity, rent, hosting, and payment of work of experts. For other currencies, there is no service charge.

Deposit and withdrawal

  • Input can be carried out:
  • Bank card;
  • From cryptocurrency wallets;
  • Through PayPal, T/T, Western Union.

The withdrawal is possible on the Bitcoin wallets or T/T. The minimum payout is 0.0002 BTC or equivalent in other cryptocurrency.


  • The ability to produce several types of cryptocurrency
  • individual approach to each client;
  • long-term plans to increase equipment capacity;
  • low minimum amount of investment;
  • low threshold per output;
  • possibility of reinvestment;
  • the presence of the affiliate program.


  • Charges to the internal account are made only once a month;
  • contracts for Bitcoin and Dash have a relatively high service fee.

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