Chibi Fighters

Chibi Fighters is a collectible blockchain virtual game with adventures, roleplay and action rpg elements. Chibi Fighters is based on the Ethereum network. Players can collect and play with so called Chibi Fighters. Unique and fierce little warriors.

Players can collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, gear up and level their warriors. An in-game market lets players trade loot and consumable items, while Chibi Fighters themselves can be traded on any well known token exchange.

Each Chibi Fighters, which is 100% ERC721 conform, can be bought, sold or given as a gift.



Trading, and owning Chibi Fighters does not require an account. But if you want to dive deeper into Chibi Fighters you will need to create an account.

It is simply a link to your metamask, or other dapp browser, wallet. You will just need to sign a message. No cumbersome passwords are required.

Wallets like MetaMask, Cipher, Toshi or Trust Wallet can be used to access the game.

The game is available both on the desktop and mobile devices as well as all browsers and OS.


The game revolves around collectibles which are called Chibi Fighters. Chibi Fighters are the ones players breed, train, send on adventures, buy and sell.

Every Chibi Fighter can gain experience, level up and use items. All of the important Chibi Fighters stats are stored on the blockchain.


Chibi Fighters can have 1 of 4 rarities

Common – they have no special cooldowns and occur 750 times in 999 Chibis

Rare – rare Chibis come with faster cooldowns and occur 170 times in 999 Chibis

Mythic – Chibis that are mythic already have a great bonus on cooldowns and occur 74 times in 999 Chibis

Legendary – Legendary Chibis are the rarest of its kind and yield various cooldown and item finding bonuses, they just occur 5 times in 999 Chibis


One of the key properties of a true warrior is its generation. You can buy a Generation 0 (Gen0) Chibi anytime.

However when fusing two Chibis, in which no player loses their Chibi!, you can create a new Chibi. However that will be a new generation.

The higher the generation, the higher the impact on cooldown time. Especially after adventures. Every Chibi needs a breather after an adventure.


Breeding allows the player to produce a new collectible warrior by combining blood of two parents to create a baby Chibi.

Breeding is done in the Fusion Lab, where scientists take a drop of blood and combine it to create a new Chibi.

This is a great way to receive traits from the parents.

While you can not inherit looks, you can inherit traits, or even receive completely new traits. Fusion is a very powerful tool in crafting the mightiest warriors out there.


Players can send their warriors on adventures. It will take them some time to journey through the jungle or descent into caves. But they always bring something back. May it be experience, gold, or even loot.

Loot is great to enhance your Chibis stat. More armor, more damage, more health. A fully equipped Chibi is nearly invincible.


Chibi Fighters have an ingame market place. In it you can trade your loot for gold or Ether. There is also a consumable market place in which you can buy all sorts of potions or utilities for ingame gold.

You can trade your Chibis on OpenSea or rarebits, or other token exchanges.

Investment process

Chibi Fighters has low entry investment requirements. It is very easy to start playing and earning.

Once you acquired a real crypto asset either from our website, or an exchange. You can already start making money by doing daily tasks and collect gems.

You can add gems to the so called crystal cave at any given time and receive a share of our profits.


Funds received by users from the trading and fusing Chibis are automatically transferred to their wallet of choice. The funds received in this way can then be withdrawn using cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Fund received from our ingame loot market, the crystal cave or other events, can be converted to Ether at any time and withdrawn to a wallet of yours.

Interesting facts

  • Chibi Fighters practices community-driven development by always communicating with its players and implementing their suggestions into the game. Developers are always improving the overall game experience.
  • Chibi Fighters hybrid markets optimize for more efficient investing and long-term gaming experience.
  • Chibi Fighters are fully animated and you can have live battles with other players that don’t cost a cent in blockchain fees.
  • Limited edition ChibiFighters are sold at certain events and are very rare and unique.

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