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CoinJolt is a decentralized private equity fund that manages assets globally utilizing leading asset class diversification and portfolio management strategies. Their asset management practices are based on fundamental economic and market principles that mitigate risk and strive to innovate towards being able to generate consistently profitable returns.

Their foundation is based on maintaining a top priority in the security of holdings through SHA-256 encryption and multi-signature wallets, as well as, monitoring and routinely storing digital assets in distributed inaccessible storage offline with banking partners.

With an opposition to drive stability, reduce volatility in digital currency prices and create economic growth, merging a combination of asset classes through their products and services.

Blockchain based technologies is a considered an emerging asset class affecting virtually every sector throughout the global economy, creating ecosystems worth hundreds of billions of dollars. They strive to be at the forefront of these changes by providing an opportunity for incredibly high returns through investment opportunities, non-governance systems and innovative applications.


CoinJolt Review

The enterprise is based on creating and developing asset management based strategies in combination with solution-oriented and utility based applications that are able to generate dividends to shareholders, accumulative interest, secure asset class exposure, portfolio diversification and equity across a variety of holdings.

Our Story

They are among the few first Bitcoin investors since 2009, as well as leading blockchain developers with over 10 years of experience in portfolio management, currently solely focused entirely on digital currency and cryptocurrency.

Our Mission

Their mission is to be able to deliver the highest returns in comparison to any other asset class in a constantly developing new sector. Generate at a bare minimum 200% annual returns with their managed cryptocurrency portfolio available to both institutional and individual investors. Capitalize off a brand new hyper adopting technology known as blockchain.

Invest in a managed cryptocurrency portfolio with a proven track record of providing unparalleled returns. They utilize marginalized trading in established capitalized markets with high volatility, utilizing real-time market price tracking instruments and actively trade across a variety of high capitalized assets.

In addition, they buy tokens on promising initial coin offerings backed by reputable companies with a strong corporate standing and previous recorded experience and history of success resulting in incredible returns.

Utilizing Leveraged Positions

CoinJolt Review

By investing in their managed cryptocurrency portfolio, they’re able to execute trades with leveraged positions on users behalf, significantly pushing the leverage on positions through collective resources and marginalized trading.

• An example would be a $100,000 investment could be leveraged up to 20x for a $2,000,000 capital investment in Bitcoin.

These margins become extremely profitable, especially during times of high volatility.

For example, as an individual investor, if you were to invest $100,000 at $10,000 per coin, you would only be able to purchase 10 Bitcoins.

In contrast, if you decide to invest in their managed cryptocurrency portfolio, that same $100,000 could be leveraged up to 20 times for a $2,000,000 position across a variety of digital currencies, or 20 Bitcoins.

As Bitcoin prices increase, at $50,000 per coin, a small investment of $100,000 would generate a return from 20 Bitcoins, a total $10,000,000 market value, as opposed to with 10 Bitcoins worth $500,000.

The difference in profit is $400,000 from a $100,000 investment for 10 Bitcoins as an individual investor as opposed to $8,000,000 for the same $100,000 for 20 Bitcoins. The catch is users split 50% of the profits with their portfolio managers.

One of the benefits of investing in their managed cryptocurrency portfolio is that any losses from all investments made towards their managed cryptocurrency portfolio are covered by their capital reserves. The returns they’re seeing are so incredible, they’re willing to take all of the risks.

Historical Trend and Potential Future Gains

In 2011, Bitcoin had a market value per coin of $0.30. If you had purchased $100 worth of just Bitcoin, you would have 333 of them, which at a current market value between $10,000 – $20,000 would be equivalent to the value between $3,330,000 – $6,660,000.

Their analysts forecast the value of each Bitcoin reaching upwards of $1,000,000 per coin by 2021. Despite what you hear, the steady trend of Bitcoin has been exponential in the long-term perspective, this is due to the fundamental technology and underlying principles of what it stands for. The increasing interest from institutional investors, high net worth individuals, government adoption as well rapid expansion in blockchain technology across multiple high capitalized industries like financial services, eCommerce, delivery services, gaming, virtual reality and the overall global economy is bound to create many multiples in value for the price of each coin. In addition being increasingly scarce as an asset.

There will only ever be 21,000,000 Bitcoins created, all of which are expected to be digitally mined by 2040. Investing in their portfolio allows you to secure a stake with exceptional odds in your favor.

Additional Platform Features

Get instant access to leading market instruments, market research tools, latest news and current prices across a variety of cryptocurrency.

Safety and Security

They uphold the highest standard of security and enable multiple security protocols to ensure confidentiality and safety of assets.

Be Safe, Be Smart With Digital Currency Investing

They allow users to buy, sell and invest in digital currencies through a managed cryptocurrency portfolio for a projected minimum of 200% annual returns.

With holdings of a significant amount of assets through a wide range of cryptocurrency, users can buy, sell or invest in cryptocurrency without paying fees on transactions. The first to introduce off-chain transactions, which in insight innovates upon the fundamental underlying technology Bitcoin and blockchain is built on, along with other cryptocurrencies, the feature provides users with significant upside, especially for traders. As investors are able to avoid paying traditional transaction fees, users are able to open positions across a wide variety of cryptocurrencies at guaranteed best prices.

One of their main priorities as an innovating platform that focuses on fundamental improvements that make the platform seamless to use. Users are able to sign up within minutes and have access to leading market instruments, latest news and the ability to buy, sell or invest digital currency instantly.

The platform provides real-time market price tracking across a variety of tradable digital currencies, transaction history, instantaneous order executions and dedicated customer support. They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies that users have the ability to trade throughout a wide range of established capitalized digital currencies.

Users are able to invest in a managed cryptocurrency portfolio with a conservative projected minimum of 200% annual returns. Utilizing sound investment principles with initial coin offerings, trading highly volatile established capitalized digital currencies with plausible underlying blockchain technology that has widespread potential for mass adoption across multiple sectors, and by focusing on companies with a proven track record of success combined with over a decade of experience in portfolio management, now specifically focused on cryptocurrency, their portfolio in cryptocurrency yields far better returns to any comparing investable asset class or financial instruments, such as low-interest savings accounts, IRAs, traditional mutual funds and inaccessible private equity funds.

Users are able to deposit funds, buy and sell digital currency instantly with zero fees and have access to a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Redefining Cryptocurrency Investments

They allow investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to buy and sell various digital currencies with zero fees, utilizing instant transactions. A proprietary built platform where individuals, corporations, and institutions can buy and sell Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies securely without being charged outrageous fees. After 5 years of development and accumulation for a significant amount in holdings with a variety of different digital currencies, they provides buyers the ability to trade and open positions for pennies on the dollar. Their platform constantly tracks prices across every major exchange so that they’re able to guarantee the best prices, whether you’re buying, selling or investing for the long term.

Cryptocurrency is still in its stages of infancy, growth in this sector is expected to be exponential. Generating unparalleled returns is highly probable, all things considered, despite the volatility in prices. They provide a managed cryptocurrency portfolio as an investment option with a projected minimum of 200% annual returns.

Their platform offers leading market instruments, historical data graphs, and the latest news so that you’re always in the know. With the current rate of adoption in blockchain, now being developed in almost every sector, including financial services, art, gaming, food, delivery services, commerce, online services and so on, the stage of evolution with cryptocurrency is at a constant rapid expansion of which staying in tune with is critical if you want to be the forefront of global change.

Defined in many different ways, whether as a decentralized technology known as blockchain, that offers secure, accessible data transfers with no means of regulation, or a peer to peer currency that allows money transfers on a global scale with minimal fees, that operates under anonymity at almost instantaneous speeds, regardless of the amount or volume and without government intervention. Or a community with beliefs in the virtue of privacy, individual control, applicable technological innovation, security and public ledgers, a simple conclusion can be made and that is Bitcoin and other existing digital currency, as well as developing blockchain technologies is with emphasis and should be considered at this point here to stay for the long term.

From the outside looking in, Bitcoin may seem like an extremely complicated concept to grasp. In all senses of conceivability, it is. Every digital currency has underlying technology that consists of different features, functionality, attributes, and properties. All of which at their core, are structured fundamentally similar. Instead of feeling gravitationally pulled towards the monetary aspects that surround the space, simplifications of a “bubble” or other ideas resulting in short-term repercussion, it’s advisable to suspend disbelief and anecdotal ideas that marginally simplifies these new concepts so that which what can be defined as a new emerging economy with unlimited potential for adoption, you’re able to stay educated on these concepts, develop an understanding of the technology and acquire a sense of familiarization as this industry continues to evolve.

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