CoinSpace wallet is a hierarchical deterministic Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum wallet. The wallet generates a passphrase for you that you can use as your seed to generate the rest of your addresses. The important thing to remember is to memorise the phrase in full and write it down somewhere safe. If you lose the phrase you will not be able to access the funds or generate your addresses if you have lost your phone. The responsibility is in your hands.

SECURE – Password encryption keeps your funds safe Your cryptos are secured with a password that is encrypted so nobody else can access your Coin.Space wallet.

FREE- You can’t get much cheaper than free! Coin.Space is 100% free. They claim there will never be any fees.

PRIVATE- Coin.Space aren’t a bank, and can’t view your balance, or see your transactions — so you maintain your financial privacy.

FULL DIGITAL CURRENCY SOLUTION- Supports both Bitcoin and Litecoin, with more coming soon!

PORTABLE- Take Coin.Space wallet wherever you go on your Android or iPhone device. Your wallet’s also accessible from your computer!

SIMPLE- With a clean, easy-to-use interface you can get yourself up and running with digital currency in a few minutes!

TRADE & SPEND- Search for local users and businesses that accept Bitcoin payments. Spend your Bitcoin or make more!

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  • Platforms: Android, Windows, iOS
  • Validation Type: SPV
  • Wallet Features: Hierarchical Deterministic, Open Source
  • Anonymity: Medium
  • Security: Third Party Encrypted
  • Ease Of Use: Easy

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