CollaboGate – is an international professional decentralized blockchain collaboration platform, where entrepreneurs, developers, and professionals look for collaboration with projects using blockchain technology. CollaboGate unites specialists to analyze different projects as well as discuss the effects Blockchain will have on numerous markets. CollaboGate empowers innovative project to progress fast and accelerate the adoption of it in the real market.

CollaboGate also holds research meetup, provides educational workshops and content distribution for Japanese enterprises, reports aggregated professional knowledge and opinions and partners strong network with international professionals. CollaboGate seeks to be transparent collaboration platform to permit professionals to endorse each other in and seamlessly collaborate with projects using blockchain technology. This decentralized platform would be contributed to the social implementation ecosystem with an innovative idea. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.



Masayoshi Mitsui, Collabogate CEO and Co-Founder
  • Masayoshi Mitsui – CEO/ Co-Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Ðapps Engineer
  • Kohei Kurihara – CMO/Co-Founder. He leads the marketing team to enhance collaboration platform and to run decentralized blockchain media, providing data-driven business consulting for big enterprises with decentralized concept modeling.
  • Jaasir Ali – Head of the UK Chapter
  • Thành Nguyễn – President of Vietnam


CollaboGate starts Unchained – which is a blockchain incubating program for Japan industrial leaders. CollaboGate supports structuring their business model on decentralized web3.0 and token economies with infobahn group which is a digital communication agency and media company, offering service on effective web-related communication strategies, implementation and management. Unchained provides short-term intensive 5 days program for understanding the basic concept of DLT and the latest use cases against social issues to discover and structure their business model.

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