IPSE(InterPlanetary Search Engine)is a revolutionary search engine based on IPFS and Blockchain. IPSE helps users to quickly search files on the IPFS network and find the data they need. Anyone can add tags to hash address to get token reward. IPSE is the search layer for IPFS, which is a distributed hypermedia transport protocol that will replace HTTP and build the next generation of internet,Web3.0,from underlying infrastructure. As the best place to get IPFS files,IPSE is being the traffic portal for Web3.0.

The Problems of Regular Search Engines

A centralized web is not a safe place to live,especially there are serious problems in web searches.Regular search engines(Google,Bing,Baidu and Yandex.etc.)have many problems:Unclear data ownership,user privacy is not protected.advertising tracking and bad induction,over-reliance on advertising,advertiser interests are not guaranteed and false information.It’s time to change.

IPSE Starting Point

Starting Point of IPSE is to build a new search platform to allow users efficiently and quickly retrieve data on IPFS.IPSE aims to be the traffic portal for the next generation of the internet,web 3.0.

Technical Development of IPSE

IPSE is developed by using advanced techniques: IPFS protocol,Distributed Technology,Encryption,Sidechain(Crosschain)Technology,HashLink(by IPSE),Mapping Technology,Smart Contracts and more.

To provide users with safe search experience,IPSE uses Blockchain technology to secure the data.Users have full control of their data.In addition,as an IPFS search engine,IPSE uses an innovative technology called Hashlink.It allows users to add semantic tags to hash addresses and convert long and hard-to-remember hash addresses into easy-to-understand text headers via Hashlink technology for efficient indexing and fast search of IPFS data.

How to Add Hash Tags on IPSE?

Anyone has the access to IPSE and upload files to IPFS network,they can get Token reward by adding accurate tags to hash address.

Tutorial:Add hash tags to get Token reward

This brief tutorial will teach you how to mine and explain the various settings so that you can use your own computer or machines that work .

Step 1: Download IPFS desktop and install it on your computer. And keep the IPFS running ,check the IPFS status and make sure you are connected to IPFS network.


Step 2: Download Scatter and install it. Then open scatter and import your EOS private keys to Scatter. Scatter is your wallet at this point.


Step 3: Visit https://ipse.io on your computer, and signin, your EOS account will be linked to IPSE through scatter .Once finished, navigate to the upper right section of the page, you can see the EOS wallet name. Then click “Label”(https://ipse.io/en/create), start to upload files, and set the accurate Tags to the Hash address of the file and submit. The mining is complete, You will get the POST in your EOS wallet later.

Fore more info,you can view IPSE online help and a detailed tutorial by visiting the official IPSE project website: https://ipfssearch.io

IPSE Token

IPSE’s Token,POST,is vesting every two years,and 1.75 billion Tokens are for minging in the first year.And 30% of Tokens are locked for three years,and 70% of Tokens are directly mined by all miners.

Some specifications of the POST according to its official website:

Characteristic Value
Consensus DPoS
Maximum Supply of Coins 10,000,000,000
Pre-mined 30%
Miners 70%(7Billion)


Both IPSE and Filecoin are two equally effective protocol layers for IPFS.

Filecoin is the official incentive layer for IPFS, addressing data security and storage and user engagement incentives. IPSE is the(unofficail)application retrieval layer of IPFS,allowing users to quickly search data on IPFS,motivating users to share.

IPSE Business Scenario

What Is IPSE Working On ?

1).Make data ownership clear.2).Protects user data with asymmetric encryption technology,and the user obtains signature authorization. 3).Data shared by users and machines can be motivated by Token.4).Users can search for, reward and pay for data, and use Token value to vote against false information.5).Based on the search-based decentralized advertising market, the evaluation system of advertising quality is low, and high-quality advertising has low fees. Smart contracts eliminate artificially untrustworthy factors and allow machines to trade in the marketplace.6).Copyright protection, asymmetric encryption makes copyright protection very easy to operate and implement, and copyright distribution based on search engine traffic portal can also benefit both parties.7).For the Customer side of the currency content and copyright content,users can use Token to obtain high-quality content in the long-tail price range.8).For the Business side storage market, the underlying distributed storage pool can be connected to a large number of storage demand side.9).The user generates data together with his own machine (mobile device, robot, camera, AI assistant,etc.) to obtain the Token incentive of IPSE.

IPSE Business Scenarios Are Following:

1.Web3.0 search traffic entry engine,being the world’s best resource search platform.

2.Complementing with IPFS resources,IPSE can obtain hot data and cold data with one click, allowing more IPFS nodes to cache and accelerate data.

3.Based on the underlying Blockchain system of Blockchain 3.0 technology,build a strong and open Smart Contract ecosystem.

4.Decentralized video portal, eliminating the advantages of storage and bandwidth costs, combined with the advantages of the Token economy, video portals and APP will be a dimensionality reduction.

5.Decentralized information platform, let individuals and machines become mainstream information producers, that controls the spread of false information.

6.Decentralized advertising market.

7.CDN acceleration service, personal data is accelerated with one click, allowing more IPFS nodes to cache and accelerate data.

IPFS launches on Multiple Plaforms

IPSE Launched on Math Wallet, Token Pocket and Scatter on June 7,2019.. Nearly a month later,on July 3,IPSE was officially on DappReview that is the largest Dapp platform tracking 9 public chains with 3000+ dapps.

On July 8,the official IPSE Twitter announces that IPSE Dapp is the on new platforms. “For those who want to know more about IPSE dapp status,there are currently 5 new platforms available. Thank you for your support. @dapp_com,@StateOfTheDApps,@topdapp,@RatingDapp,@tuoluocaijing.”

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