CONUN is a distributed supercomputing platform based on Blockchain. A service platform that enables high-performance computing resources to be handled by sharing idle resources between participants’ personal computers and smartphones.



Technology Introduction

CONUN’s Distributed Computing provides a universal computing network architecture platform that enables distributed processing of personal computers connected to the Internet based on desktop grid computing technology. CONUN is operated by an agreement between distributed computing resource share participants and users and supports an open and horizontal profit ecosystem for all participants.


CONUN designs a single computing node that controls components such as CPU, GPU, memory, and storage devices, which are personal computing resources and each node is modularized to process the application.

Grid Computing Core

It is a core function of distributed computing that uses personal computer resources to process computing tasks.

Virtual Machine(Docker Container)

It is an independent virtual processing system in which each computing node deploys and automatically executes an application program without interference from individual operating systems.

Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Network

It refers to all computers on the network acting as clients and servers, without distinction of the type of computer.

Ethereum smart contracts(transaction system)

This refers to a system that transparently and securely exchanges transactions, agreements and payments without intermediary services.


A scientific computing project

It can be used to perform scientific computing tasks that require complex and fast computing performance.

Deep Learning Modeling Project

In the field of artificial intelligence, it is possible to create a user-designed Deep Learning model to quickly create a multi-process environment to perform the Deep Learning algorithm in the fields of machine learning technologies such as Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), Reinforcement Learning and etc.

Big Data Analysis Project

Used to process structured data such as data mining, natural language processing, and pattern recognition processing using Big Data Analysis technology; also it is used to process text mining, opinion mining, social network analysis, and cluster analysis for analysis of unstructured data such as social media.

Computer Graphics Processing Project

Computer generated images (CGI) in computer graphics are used to quickly and inexpensively process projects such as movies, television programs, advertisements, simulators, simulations, and 3D computer graphics.

Bio- science research project

Biological research for improving existing therapies for the treatment of diseases and developing new therapies is one of the areas that utilize distributed computing, you can also use a distributed computing environment for research in universities, research institutes, and the biotechnology industry.

Survey of academic / research / socio-cultural issues

Various academic researches, social and cultural issues can be added directly or indirectly to participants in the general-purpose network, we can also create a community that improves the quality of life and develops culture through research and discussion.

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