CPollo is a new form of investing.

CPOLLO is a Decentralized Fundraising and Human Resource Solution Platform where ICO developers will have to meet certain guidelines, undergo through a vetting process and meet their goals in order to get funding and keep our buyers safe. 
CPollo’s Mission

The mission of CPollo is to offer an easier and a more efficient way for anyone to initiate or contribute to Initial Coin Offerings. CPollo will allow for a transparent and auditable ledger where everyone will have the ability to watch an ICO go from their early stages through the crowdsale and post-crowdsale. The funds raised by the ICO will be allocated as initially stated in the contract. No longer will the investor community have to fret over whether or not the ICO is running off and taking the funds because they will be locked in a smart contract that allows only a predetermined amount (determined by the ICO team during the pre-ICO phase and made public) will be available to spend. The deployment of the rest of the funds is then decided upon by the investors. If consensus is struggling to be reached then the token holders will act as a community and a vote will be held. There are many scenarios where this will benefit both the ICO’s and the investor community.

What and Why?

Cpollo Members will be able to create a transparent and auditable ICO project plan that will follow them from their pre-ICO days to their post-ICO success. Insuring that investors need not worry about exit scams. With the high number ICO scams in the last year regulatory organizations had to intervene. China was the first major country to intervene; now many other regulators are watching on the sidelines hoping that crypto will ‘regulate itself’. As an answer to this, Cpollo is a decentralized platform allow for crypto to regulate itself. The tools that will be offered to the community will allow f everyone to research thoroughly projects & ICO’s, audit their token contracts through pre-audited templates, track the ICO’s us of the funds, and freeze and retrieve some of their funds if a scam has been determined to be in progress. This will provide the legitimacy and prolong the freedom that is needed to push for the desperately needed decentralisation of the world. A future where free services for building decentralized applications or DAPPs, and new Blockchains are put under the same regulatory hammer as sites like the pirate bay and popcorn time is not a future we would like to see. Even though crypto will prevail, we hope that DApps can exist, this is why Cpollo is needed, to offer a safe launch space for crypto to regulate itself.

  • Their website can be found here
  • Their whitepaper can be found here

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