The Cryptolancers system uses distributed computing to solve transaction problems of Online Payment services, as well as guarantee, orchestrate and enhance the security of the services provided which are inherent in existing systems, in a single distributed peer-to-peer platform. Decentralized Block-chain Technology and smart contracts facilitate customers’ payment and offer security guarantees on a trust worthy platform. Offering a greatly reduced risk of fraud without any counterparty risks and thus meeting the needs of contemporary economy. By investing, Cryptolancers allows platform publishers to assign tasks to the designated character. Cryptolancers provides several services in a single platform using a fully distributed network and safe payment method.

Nadjib Bouhaddi (Founder and Chief Executive Officer) A web security expert who has been known for helping big companies such as Paypal, Airbnb and many others to secure bugs that existed in their security systems, he worked as a freelancer for 5 years, noticed lots of holes in the current system of ceneteralized platforms and decided to use the blockchain technology in the freelancing field for a better experience.

Oussama Menidjel (Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer) A graphic designer and branding expert, worked as a freelancer for 5 years, helped many small businesses build their brand equity in the system and realized the potential of blockchain before meeting Nadjib and deciding to jump in and giving his all to the project.

Mahdi Mohammedi (Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer) An expert trader and a strategic financial expert that is responsible on creating and developing the Cryptolancers tokens selling startegy and to spot any holes in the financial system, his role is crucial to the success of the CLT token.

Rami Bounezra (Chief Web Officer) Worked as a web developer for 5 years with both local and internationa lcompanies and helped them secure their sites, deliver a seamless experience and provided counseling to them when it comes to web decisions and web development.

Feriel Taferhit (Chief Technology Officer) Feriel is a software engineer, with prerequisites and passion for computer science, electrical and software engineering, and computer systems technology. She earned a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Saad Dahleb Blida1, in September 2017. She was granted a master fellowship from the ERASMUS Global Mobility on January 2017, and she was an exchange student at AALTO university, School of Electrical and Engineering, Espoo, Finland, where she participated in the drones based platform and IoT project supported by the MOSAIC laboratory. Currently, FERIEL TAFERHIT is a co-founder & CTO of Cryptolancers network, where she is leading the scientific and technology strategy of the project, writing and managing any software related documentation.

For decades, freelance platforms have struggled to find a balance between the needs of customers and demands of freelance developers, while server operators were stuck in the middle. Both client and freelancer are constantly searching title after title on rushed-to-market websites before they finally find, with some luck, a platform which has enough services to fit their requirements, basically a platform where there is everything they want and need. Developing a project can sometimes be costly, and if the project’s developers do not meet the client’s objectives, it can often lead to disastrous and at times expensive results. Creators of independent projects are directly affected by lack of funding or even a late payment. Hence the need to find ways to provide money instantly for the infrastructure needed for their projects to run online. Customers are always looking to integrate their projects onto servers, host the website and even find a domain name. All of which take place without forgetting the cost for each project. The industry is trying to find a better solution for freelance projects in order to form a real interaction between customers and freelancers.

Cryptolancers tokens or CLT are decentralized ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum blockchain. It is a general purpose cryptocurrency characterized by being: – Fixed in supply; – Fractionally divisible; – Non-inflationary; – Fungible and transferable, possibly through third party exchanges.

Cryptolancers platform is a decentralized peer-to-peer freelancing platform, with its tokens for online payment services, it links between project holders and service providers to help individuals and communities alike bring innovative projects to life. By hiring freelancers to deliver related work and services, Cryptolancers will solve the rising issues the freelance industry faces today.

Plus all the types of currencies and methods desired by the user. If a client wants to pay with another currency, they must convert their currency to our CLCC coin chips. When a freelancer completes their work, CLCC coin chips are kept by an abiding contract until the client confirms receiving their work, in comply with all of their requirements. At this point, CLCC is released to the freelancer and the transaction will be finalized. After each completed Cryptolancers project, the client is obliged to leave comment/s for the freelancer about their work. If the work is complete and the owner of the project is satisfied with the result obtained, our platform will give a point for the freelancer. This point serves to validate their work. Moreover, in an opposite situation where the owner of the project is not satisfied with the results presented and it is displayed by their comment/s, no points will be given to the freelancer. Points are awarded to well received work as opposed to less, this is to maintain credibility and avoid false or personal reviews. However, if a client is displeased with the work presented by a freelancer, our platform, with the help of our support team, will aid resolve their dispute in a decentralized manner, by reviewing evidences before deciding on whether or not a refund is necessary. However, if the client is dissatisfied with the work done by the freelancer, our platform will help them resolve the dispute in a decentralized manner by asking a member of the support team (as a third party) to review the evidence and decide whether a refund is necessary.

Cryptoalncers’ mission: Our users are our top priority. Cryptolancers mission is to contribute to the development of secure payment for freelancing projects and ensure the perfection of value-added services. We are developing a fair and transparent Cryptolancers service which allows the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiduciary chips without intermediaries. This will help users protect their money against fraud through the use of smart contracts and by which encouraging a lifelong learning process for all users.

Cryptolancers’ market advantages: – Payment for international projects. – Decentralized Ethereum based platform driven by smart contracts. – Lower development cost in the market with high quality and no additional charges. – Full escrow between client & freelancer and intervention to resolve occurring disputes when necessary. – Providing both ability and liberty for the client to find the right freelancer suitable for their work. – Immediate payment upon completed freelancing projects. – Live support and specialist to help clients with any issues or questions and advice them to find the best services for their project’s requirement. – Payments are made directly between freelancer and client. – Building a reputation for freelancers work by allowing constructive criticism. – Open source and statistics.

Future Features and Projects We have a lot more in store for the freelance market than our newborn freelancing system. But as it is with all good things, time, energy but most importantly money, are always an asset. It is worth building a good foundation to support. Our main goal is to become an international platform where our coins will be on the top 10 ICOs in the market. We want to get our name out there, so that we can reach not only the technicality versed but also casual people as potential clients. Thereafter, we plan to connect our Cryptolancers platform to existing functional services enabling usability to all. We have many other projects varying between different fields and numerous countries. Some of these features may change as we learn more about how we can use the platform in the real world. Many freelancers never make it off the drawing board, but as a creative group of motivated personnel, we have an innovative approach to tackle continuously emerging problems and difficulties. Our experienced members are well immersed in various sectors, giving us the knowledge and vision to be tomorrow leaders in cryptocurrency.

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