CurveBlock is a Real Estate Development company based on blockchain technology to enable people to invest in property development projects and receive a share in profit in return. The platform allows a life-time passive income through its Smart Staking Wallets.


Project Summary

CurveBlock aims to be the world’s first blockchain based property development company which shares profits with token holders on completion of each project via Proof of Stake, Smart Staking Wallets. The project is designed as an antidote to the challenges faced by the real estate industry. It aims to disrupt ongoing going status quo in the real estate industry by not relying on banks and market controls.

Pre-Vetted Independent Real Estate Developers from around the world can showcase their projects on the platform, making CurveBlock one of the world’s largest Real Estate Development companies. The CurveBlock Exchange will offer an in-depth view of upcoming development projects and a live development project data and progress along with predicted ROI. Investors will also have access to previous development projects with ROI, upcoming and previous charity donations and charity voting rights. Property ownership will not only be issued via land registry but will also be written onto the blockchain for transparency

CurveBlock will issue its native token CBUK in the mobile and web experience and charity voting rights. The platform will issue secondary dividend tokens as dividend profits to users participating in CurveBlock projects. The secondary stable token will help to avoid market volatility. Investors who will buy the tokens and stake them against a property development will vote for a charity that will receive 5% of the profits on project completion. The rest of the profit will be shared with staked token holders and CurveBlock. The tokens can then either be reinvested in another project or sold on the CurveBlock exchange.

CurveBlock comes in as a spearheading project geared towards extricating the property development ecosystem on its CurveBlock exchange platform which pays token holders profits and charity voting rights from each completed project via Proof-of-stake (PoS) smart wallets. The ecosystem is structured in such way that enables a seamless exchange between the native token and a secondary dividend token where profits are confirmed at various block height snapshots of the ledger when projects are completed and sold.

ICO Details

  • Token: CBUK;
  • Token price: 0.2 GBP;
  • Method of payment: ETH, EUR, USD, GBP;
  • Soft Cap: £5m GBP;
  • Hard Cap: £50m GBP;

Team and founders

  • Co-Founder/CEO – GARY WOODHEAD ;
  • Co-Founder/Managing Director Land & Planning – MATTHEW COUCH;
  • Co-Founder/Chief Revenue and Compliance Officer – JOEY JONES;
  • Technologist – ROGER RANSOME;
  • BMI Specialist – Jordan Cohen;

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