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CyBit ICO Review
Ticker: CBT
ICO start: 2018-07-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-09-20 00:00:00
Price: 1 CBT = 0.25 USD
Tokens: 7,000,000,000 CBT
Tokentype: ERC223
Hardcap: 50,000,000 USD
Softcap: 2,500,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Minimum: 0.5 ETH
Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC

CyBit is an Open Source Ecosystem to facilitate Crowdfunding! CyBit platform is built on ERC-223 protocol with smart contracts for highly secure validation of transactions and protection from malicious attacks. It adopts methodologies that support infrastructure flexibility and ensures safety & stability of the system. CyBit supports three kinds of fundraising campaigns; Initial Coin Offering, Crowd Investing, and Crowd Funding. CyBit offers a unique vehicle for Investors to finance projects through CBT as an underlying value token! CyBit providing a comprehensive smart-contract capability for seamless execution of projects with full transparency and liquidity.



CyBit is a Blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that helps people who have the desire to establish a new business (Start-ups) or undertake a worthwhile project. It enables individuals to make use of crowdfunding techniques to raise the required funds. At the same time, CyBit helps investors to evaluate potential business proposals to fund. CyBit is the emerging platform that informs investors and establishes a connection to investors and those start-ups or individuals  seeking funding. All these interactions will be possible through the use of a Cryptocurrency token called “CBT”.
The vision for the CyBit project is to introduce a new Global Marketplace that utilizes a credible Blockchainbased token as a payment system through forex transactions and crowd-funding sources. It utilizes methodologies that will encourage and support infrastructure exibility. They intend to provide a comprehensive smart-contract capability for seamless execution of projects with full transparency. The CyBit team is focused on assisting clients to handle increased customer demands without incurring increased costs.
The CyBit solution empowers ICO developers to visit the platform, submit their funding requirements, and use CyBit channels to get evaluated by potential Investors. Upon successful evaluation, the Investors will invest in their projects using CyBit Tokens. The entire process is secured using smart contracts. The platform protects the rights of each stakeholder.


Q4 2017, NOVEMBER: Research on market Opportunities-Global Market Analysis
Q4 2017, DECEMBER: Initial research work completed and concept finalization
Q1 2018, JANUARY: Initiate Designing Process UI interface Setup
Q1 2018, FEBRUARY: ERC-223 Testing on Testnet Blockchain Whitepaper, public announcement
Q1 2018, MARCH: Legal registration
Q2 2018, APRIL: CyBit platform testing
Q2 2018, MAY: Pre ICO starts.
Pre ICO ends.
ICO starts.
Q2 2018, JUNE: Creation of SRS
Q3 2018, JULY: ICO ends Hiring team for business operation & platform development
Q1 2018, AUGUST: Exchange registration Platform development & operational process
Q1 2018, SEPTEMBER: Android/IOS application development start CyBit platform alpha version launch & testing of platform
Q4 2018, OCTOBER: CyBit platform marketing campaign
Q4 2018, NOVEMBER: Contacting investors & startup for platform registration
Q4 2018, DECEMBER: Organizing global event & summits
Q1 2019, JANUARY: Setup an operational office & development center in India
Q1 2019, FEBRUARY: Organize startup/ICO meetup events across the globe
Q1 2019, MARCH: Get international investor on board from across the globe
Q2 2019, APRIL: Launch first successful project & get funded through CyBit platform
Q2 2019, MAY: Start a CyBit charitable trust & provide donation to various NGO through CyBit token
Q2 2019, JUNE: CyBit platform Beta version launch
Q3 2019, JULY: CyBit investors fund transfer Android/IOS launch
Q3 2019, AUGUST: CyBit global customer support centers launch
Q3 2019, SEPTEMBER: Embark the success of CyBit platform to next level[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Naquib Hatami Founder and COO Naquib Hatami photo 3.8
B. Lee Jones Chief Executive Ofcer B. Lee Jones photo 3.8
Paul MacFarlane CMO Paul MacFarlane photo 3.8
Garima Singh Chief Strategy Ofcer Garima Singh photo 6.8
Guney Demirci VP of Operation Guney Demirci photo 3.8
Jyoti Gujral Lead Content Developer Jyoti Gujral photo 3.8
Anshu Rawal Consultant Business Analyst Anshu Rawal photo 3.8
Anne Parker Director of Communications Anne Parker photo 3.8
Talha A. Noyan Community Development Talha A. Noyan photo 3.8
Simon Choi Advisors Simon Choi photo 71.7
Vadim Ivanenko Advisors Vadim Ivanenko photo 7.9
Paolo Hussain Advisors Paolo Hussain photo 3.8

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