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CyClean ICO
Ticker: CCL
ICO start: 2018-06-27 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-31 00:00:00
Price: 1 CCL = 0.0001 ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 1200
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 106,000 ETH
Softcap: 50,000 ETH
Raised: 0
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 30%
Minimum: 1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

CyClean is a project that promotes clean energy through a rental system of electric vehicles. It applies blockchain technology and smart contracts to encourage people to use electric vehicles, thus reducing the emission of toxic gases. Cyclean coin can be mined just by using CyClean products based on Meters or Watts. Traditional ways of mining coins are not sustainable to our nature. But we have implemented innovative way to connect environmental protection, block chain, electric vehicles, and peoples’ desire to be rewarded. By using CYCLEAN product, one can mine coin just by using the product. For example, if a user rides CYCLEAN electric motorbikes, the user gets coin based on Meters traveled. This is possible because we upgrade good product with wireless network and server integration.

We are mainly focused on stopping exhaust fumes with immediate motivation and effect. As we expand more, we replace more exhaust fumes. Join our clean cycle. Save yourself and earth, be rewarded.



all share a universal ecosystem and numerous mutual problems within such ecosystem. It seems like it is underneath the carpet but it is growing rapidly every day and deepening more intensely than we think. Surely, anyone has heard about the environmental problems at least once and there have been many efforts to combat such imminent problem. But we can confidently say those are not enough and more innovative approach is required that can permeate through B2C and B2B markets. mainly focused on problems of exhaust fumes and energy production which are two major problems of environmental issues and additionally, we are promoting green sports as a minor subject of our CyClean Platform.


Q2 2018: Completion of Pre ICO, Main ICO.
Platform Soft Launch.
Deployment of business.
Connect well established Manufacturers.
Initiate Self-driving car research.
Q3 2018: Exchange Listing.
Mining Deployment.
Prepare CyClean Franchise.
Discover paths to energy business.
Connect to big partners for growth of CyClean.
Q4 2018: Full platform + business launch.
Develop a legal entity abroad.
Entities and licensing for global expansion.
Get expansion on energy sector.
Q1 2019: Expansion of platform to Southeast Asia.
Get involved in government backed programs.
Q2 2019: Partnership with NGOs and Governments.
Connect Carbon Offset, Carbon Project.
Involve government policy to subsidize CyClean.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Dae Young (David Young) Kim Management Dae Young (David Young) Kim photo 4.6
Bo-Gyoung, Kim CTO Bo-Gyoung, Kim photo 4.6
Byeong-Gil, Kim Blockchain Engineer Byeong-Gil, Kim photo 4.6
Myung-Jun, Noh Blockchain Engineer Myung-Jun, Noh photo 4.6
Jae-Won, Lee Graphic Designer Jae-Won, Lee photo 4.6
Kyung Mook, Cha Full Stack Developer Kyung Mook, Cha photo 4.6
Tae-Kwan, Yoon Web Developer Tae-Kwan, Yoon photo 4.6
Hose Nam Strategy Planner Hose Nam photo 4.6
Simon Choi Advisor-Internation Law Advisors Simon Choi photo 71.7
Nikolay Shkilev Advisor-Strategy Advisors Nikolay Shkilev photo 175.5
Jillian Godsil Advisor-PR Advisors Jillian Godsil photo 31.7
Jason Hung Advisor-Business Advisors Jason Hung photo 143.2
Ian Scarffe Advisor-Investor Relation Advisors Ian Scarffe photo 230.63
Eric Wong Advisor-China Business Representative Advisors Eric Wong photo 4.6
Marthyn Ting Advisor- Global Market & Business Advisors Marthyn Ting photo 4.6
Changhee Kwon Advisor Advisors Changhee Kwon photo 4.6
Yeonsoo Choo Advisor Advisors Yeonsoo Choo photo 4.6
Nikolay Zvezdin Advisor-Investor Relation Advisors Nikolay Zvezdin photo 19.2
Mofassair Hossain Advisor-Marketing&PR Advisors Mofassair Hossain photo 59.7
Kent Kim Advisor-PR Advisors Kent Kim photo 4.6
Amarpreet Singh Advisor-Business Advisors Amarpreet Singh photo 102.4
Jin Hyo Kim Advisor-R&D Advisors Jin Hyo Kim photo 4.6
Bogdan Fiedur Advisor-Technical Advisors Bogdan Fiedur photo 86.2
Chris Abdey Advisor-Crypto Market Expert Advisors Chris Abdey photo 11.1

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