DataXchain will initiate a new era of Data Liberalism, which we believe is the most important value in the transition to the Intelligent Information Society. In order to facilitate this paradigm shift, we hereby present DataXchain, our Decentralized P2P Data Trading Service, to the wider world. DataXchain believes that the aim of the Intelligent Information Society is to provide ultimate efficiency to all mankind, based on the new values created on the ICT foundation, by delivering intelligent technology and innovation to the general public. The data flowing through the information communication network around the world represents a fundamental resource to our society. However, under our current industrial system, data is locked within centralized systems and services, generally represented by a handful of social media and internet portals. Our personal data has been harvested by these Data Giants to generate profits or satisfy their own interests.

“DataXchain will change the current data game and enable Data Liberalism through DataXchain, a novel ‘Blockchain-based Decentralized Data Trade Service’. Leveraging the DataXchain Platform, all the information of DataXchain’s partners and users” will be connected, integrated and managed equally and fairly.

Why DataXchain? In today’s society, we are besieged with ‘Data’ every minute of the day – we are living in the Intelligent Data Age. In this very moment, we

  1. Habitually upload our precious data on web portals and social media without considering their true value
  2. Are simply satisfied with browsing and uploading contents
  3. Do not notice that Data Giants gain monetary compensation by exploiting My Data

We will create a data ecosystem in which there is strict individual ownership of My Data to replace the data giants. That is why we are introducing to the wider world the ‘DataXchain’ service, a decentralized data trade service based on blockchain technology within a brand-new data trade ecosystem where anyone can easily create digital assets to share and sell. DataXchain provides both Data Matching Service and Data Enrichment Service to facilitate digital asset trade between Data Owner and Data User. Also, DataXchain Platform consists of Service Layer and Infrastructure Layer to enhance transactions in.

In-house Funding ToBeLet has already invested quarter-million dollars of personal funds in the development of Project DataXchain and has working prototypes. In addition, our business already established strategic relationships with Xiilab, MFU and Hyperledger Foundation, expecting to reach diverse enterprises with ongoing business. Therefore, we will launch Project DataXchain nonetheless the soft cap. However, thanks to the ICO participants, supporters and future partners, our team will be able to develop and release the platform to meet the everlasting demand.

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