DECENT Network

DECENT is a Blockchain driven platform. It enables distribution of digital media content such as audio, video, text, software or video games. Based on an principle it creates a possibility for people worldwide to develop applications on top of its protocol. DECENT represents a network of connected individuals and organizations who share their work, information or ideas without being dependent on any or 3rd party.

Along with its operation center in , Slovakia, DECENT established subsidiary in area of Shanghai in China. Shanghai’s JadeValue offices concentrate on outreach activities in East Asia region.



DECENT Network was initially described in a white-paper by Matej Michalko and Josef Sevcik in November 2015. The fully functional prototype of DECENT Network was released in January 2016.


The general concept of DECENT Network is based on content and buying processes in which the data transactions are timestamped in the Blockchain. The whole process is built on strong cryptography that ensures security of the service. The underlying technology of DECENT Network combines a modified Bittorrent protocol and a custom blockchain.

According to DECENT Development Plan, future releases will enlarge the Network’s Infrastructure and contain a full batch of applications developed on top of its protocol and an actual , where people will download the apps to their devices. As an protocol DECENT allows everyone to build an application for any distribution or implement the protocol into already existing platform or service.

Content publishing and buying process

The users of DECENT Network can publish and buy content using crypto-graphical token called DCT. When the author creates a profile within the platform he/she can start publishing of a genuine content. The publishing process consists of uploading the file to the network, setting its price and paying a publishing fee. The author is the only one who determines the content’s price. He/she can as well offer part of the content or the entire content for free. Consumers can afterwards search for their desired content either according to a certain topic or a particular author. When they decide to make a purchase, they pay the amount of DCT that was set by the author. Thanks to the approach, the whole payment goes to the author.

Functional roles

There are three main functional roles within the network. Content creators upload their content while paying a small publishing fee. The authors keep control over the content all the time and they also determine its price. Content consumers can buy the content and rank author and the content itself, which creates a reputation level of the network. Publishers (seeders/miners) keep the network running while they earn a reward for doing so.

Reputation layer

DECENT Network is based on trust, where only users decide which content is valuable. Each content consumer have a possibility to rate the purchased content and its author. Thus the authors can gain a life-time reputation within the network and build their audience.


DCT (Digital Content Token) is a cryptocurrency used within DECENT Network. It’s an inevitable part of content publishing and buying process and serves as a reward for miners. Therefore, it represents a fuel to the network and anti-spam protection. The initial distribution of DCT was ensured through the ICO (initial coin offering) during the period of 8 weeks, from 11 September 2016 until 6 November 2016. According to the ICO results, the overall amount of DCT ever issued was set to 73.19 million while 30% (21.99 mil.) is reserved for mining.

Use cases

DECENT Network allows distribution on any . The following possible usage opportunities represent many existing platforms that could work on DECENT protocol as well as new applications that could be built on top of it.

  • Online blogging – platforms similar to
  • Online news publishing platforms
  • Music publishing – similar to
  • / distribution
  • Audio/Video
  • Software distribution


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