Dividend Token

Dividend Token is a digital token of the trading platform Spectre.ai, where transactions are concluded between the trader and the platform, without the participation of brokers. Dividend Tokens are the shares of the platform. The biggest profit comes from long-term investment.



Spectre.ai is a smart-based platform, within which traders can trade cryptocurrencies. For the basis of this project, it was not a classical model of the work of crypto-exchange exchanges, but a model of the work of brokers providing binary options services. The essence of trading on the platform is to predict the price change for a specific period of time. If the client’s forecast is correct, it is possible to get 70-80% of the win, if the forecast is unsuccessful, then lose 100% of bet. The emergence of this platform was due to a huge problem in the field of trading binary options, where many fraudulent companies were divorced. To exclude the possibility of deception, the project team Spectre.ai developed it with the use of blockchain technology. This innovation will help the platform traders to be sure that the broker will not paint the graphics, which will make the game more honest. All the funds that were involved in the project were placed in the pool, where initially there were 2.5 million dollars. For this amount, SXDT tokens were issued. Holders of tokens will receive a reward according to the following scheme. Each trader on the platform will bet 100%, in case of winning, he will receive an additional 75%, in case of loss, he will lose 100%. With each loss, 2% of the amount will go to investors and the project team. According to calculations by the Spectre.ai team, in order for the pool to begin to decrease, traders need to show statistics of correct forecasts above 57%, which is practically unrealistic for a mass platform. Thus, the earnings of investors owning the SXDT token will constantly increase.


The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis project is very interesting and will draw attention from investors. Potential traders will also be interested in trading on such a platform, because it excludes the possibility of fraud on the part of the broker. The level of education and awareness of most people playing binary options is so low that they simply may not understand these benefits.

Where to buy

At the moment, Dividend Token can be bought on the exchanges EtherDELTA and IDEX at $0,38 per piece. The capitalization is $31 million.

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