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Dovey Wan (Palo Alto, California, USA)– is an American investor, founder, mentor and advisor, crypto-analyst, trader, founding partner of Primitive Ventures and Advisory Board Member in CoinDesk.



In 2010 Dovey graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University where she studied computer software engineering. In 2012 she ended up Carnegie Mellon University where she majored Information System.


Dovey began her career at eBay, where she spent almost four years working as Data Science Engineer, Senior Business Analyst, and Product Manager.

Dovey is a managing Director of DHVC (formerly Danhua Capital GP), a California-based venture capital firm investing primarily in early and growth-stage big data, mobile Internet, cloud computing, robotics, and other technology companies. DHVC is a premier VC fund with 600m committed capital focused in blockchain, enterprise, consumer technologies, and fintech.

Furthermore, Dovey Wan is a founding partner of Primitive Ventures, a global investment holding company in the sphere of blockchain.

She is an investor in Kyber Network, Messari, Chia network, Dfinity, StarkWare, 0x, Cosmos, Tendermint, Handshake, FOAM, Blockfolio and on the board of directors of Theta and Spacemesh. Moreover, Dovey is also serving as a mentor for the LAUNCH founded by Jason Calacanis, advisor to Arrington XRP Capital founded by Michael Arrington, Director of Academic Partnership of Open Blockchain Foundation.

Dovey has experience with US and Asia crypto community. She is a token listing nominator for Huobi and ZB, serves as Zcash community board elector and leading Zcash ecosystem investment alliance.

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