Theta developers are seeking to radically improve the quality of video content on the network. Improving quality is not the only goal, in addition, more transparent interaction between the advertiser and the video owner will be provided. Theta token is the internal currency of the project, designed to encourage participants to develop it and provide the power of their PC to improve video quality.

General information

The Theta project should:

  • solve the problem of poor quality of video content, in particular the problem of “last mile”. This is particularly relevant for developing countries where the necessary infrastructure is underdeveloped;
  • solve the problem of delivery of video to the user;
  • make the process of interaction between all people somehow related to video materials (video producer, viewer, advertiser, network owner) transparent.

Theta tokens are needed to motivate all participants to develop the Theta network. There are the following advantages:

  • high quality of video content is guaranteed;
  • the cost of delivering video materials to the end user is reduced, there is no need to create an expensive infrastructure;
  • for providing resources, users will be able to earn Theta tokens and then use them at their discretion.

ICO and mining

Theta tokens are not traded on exchanges, so the only option to get them is to participate in the ICO.

  • The total number of tokens Theta is equal to 750 million;
  • 40% of the total amount is offered for sale, i.e. 300 million coins;
  • 1 coin is valued at $0.12 (or equivalent in ETH);
  • The ICO took place in the period from 8.01.2018 for 22.01.2018;
  • In the first week there was a bonus of 20% of the purchase amount, in the second week the ICO bonus is canceled;
  • the minimum purchase amount is not set;
  • Bounty campaign is not provided.

Theta organized mining. The higher the reputation is, the higher the reward is. The reputation, in turn, depends on how much video content was relayed by other users of a particular site. It is beneficial for miners not only to increase computing power for block mining, but also to increase their reputation by broadcasting the maximum possible amount of video to other network participants.

Tokens can be used:

  • as a classic investment tool for long-and short-term investments;
  • to encourage the authors of the video.

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