• is a new generation company, bringing together advanced and conscious people;
  • is a guarantee of assets’ security;
  • is a blockchain-based consensus platform created for the implementation of projects in the ECRO ecosystem, and providing intermediary services on investing in innovative projects for members of the ECRO community.

With the help of ECROFund community members can:

  • Present their startups to the whole community and collect investments for them;
  • use a variety of tools to sell goods and services using ECRO products;
  • benefit from projects listed on the platform;
  • use all the benefits provided on the ECROFund platform;
  • be surrounded by interesting and enterprising people.
  • ECROFunds goal is to implement blockchain into a real business and build a global ecosystem for the turnover of goods and services.

The ECRO ecosystem consists of the following products:

ECROMarketplace – a global marketplace for goods and services.

ECRONavigate – a mobile application for geo-searching goods and services placed on the ECRO platform

ECROAcademy – an educational platform for obtaining new knowledge and training company employees, partners and users.

ECROStartup – a consensus platform for the ECRO community, where participants can list their projects, as well as vote for those projects that will be implemented.

BitcoBit – a crypto exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

EcroP2P – a platform for buying, sharing and selling cryptocurrency for ECROFund users.

ECROWallet – a decentralized crypto wallet for storing crypto assets of the ECRO community. Users can be sure about the safety of their assets, as all private keys are stored locally on their devices.

ECROMerchant – a payment tool that allows you to accept payments from customers in cryptocurrency, including ECRO tokens.

ECRO token – a utility token designed to pay for ECROFund services and products, as well as to vote for a project proposed by ECRO community members.

  • Total ECRO emission: 100 mln tokens
  • ECRO token price is fixed: 1$/ECRO

ECRO tokens can be purchased in your account on You get an individual address where you need to send the necessary amount of Bitcoins (BTC). Conversion of ECRO is carried out at the current rate of the American dollar (USD) at the time of depositing of funds, according to

Distribution of funds from ECRO token sale:

  • 70% – for projects listed on ECRO platform.
  • 30% – for marketing and ECRO ecosystem promotion.

There are several ways to earn with ECROFund:

  • Passive reward for ECRO token holders

Monthly, the ECRO platform will accrue 5% in EDC for ECRO token holders. The amount of the reward will be $0.05 per each token stored on the account. Payment is made in EDC coins at the exchange rate at the time of payment.

  • Income from partners

Get rewarded when your partners buy ECRO tokens! We allocate 30% of the funds collected during the token sale. Details are in your account on

  • Bonuses from personal investments in projects implemented on the ECROFund platform

The screening and scoring of new projects will take place on the ECROFund platform. ECRO community members will be able to vote for the project they like and receive bonus accruals from the implementation of this project.

  • Stable bonuses from the ECRO marketplace

Each user of the ECRO marketplace can receive rewards when purchasing any product or service for ECRO tokens within the marketplace.