EDC Blockchain

EDC Blockchain – EDC is not just a cryptocurrency, but a multifunctional platform with many benefits for users which provides the ability to create cryptocurrencies for your startups and businesses within the framework of the chosen package. a pool of new venture capital investors who are interested in the growing influence of EDC Blockchain in the industry is actively involved in the development of the project. The company is actively focusing on the Southeast Asian (in particular, China), Latin American and European markets.


What is EDC Blockchain used for?

Our goal is to create a convenient system for the exchange of goods and services on the basis of EDC throughout the world, as well as for tokenization of private small and medium-sized businesses as a tool for attracting investments in the development of the infrastructure of the community. The built-in constructor of coins is one of the flagship products offered by the platform. Package solutions for creating cryptocurrency turned out to be exactly what the market needs now, while additional services, such as conducting STO, project marketing activities and listing on partner exchanges, are a unique offer for the entire industry. Upon request, it is possible to get full marketing support for the project, advertising services and promotion. EDC Blockchain is a team of professionals of wide experience in the field of cryptocurrency, marketing and advertising with extensive connections in the industry.

What are the advantages of EDC Blockchain?

  • The fastest transactions thanks to the BitShares 2.0 Graphene technology
  • EDC cryptocurrency mining operates on the LPoS algorithm (Leased-Proof-of-Steak)
  • The ability to create coins using the constructor to launch a startup or develop your own business
  • Opportunity to participate in mining by leasing your coins to a masternode and receive bonuses
  • EDC Blockchain is actively introducing advanced technologies and makes blockchain-based products available to everyone

What technology is EDC Blockchain based on?

EDC Blockchain uses the Bitshares 2.0 Graphene protocol, which makes it possible to conduct up to 100,000 transactions per second, as well as to work with several tokens simultaneously, while a new block is formed every 3 seconds.

What is the constructor of coins based on the EDC Blockchain platform?

With the help of the built-in coin constructor, you can create new cryptocurrencies – from a simple token for low turnover to a full-fledged cryptocurrency with advanced features which is based on the LPoS mining algorithm. With the help of the global EDC Blockchain platform, you can create new cryptocurrencies, as well as to conduct your own business, develop startups and launch new high-tech projects. You no longer need powerful computing technology, as a special code will reliably protect your digital assets, while investors will have free access to the currency with the help of a “client” and a wallet. Assets created on the EDC Blockchain platform can be traded or stored as permanent assets.

What are ready-made package solutions for creating a cryptocurrency?

The platform offers users ready-made package solutions for creating cryptocurrency. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of the following packages: Basic, Plus or Premium.

  • Basic. You can create a coin, give it a symbol and a description. The characteristics included in this package make it possible to create a nominal token or a token for a small turnover.
  • Plus. It gives you the opportunity to change the emission number, premine and set the characteristics of the coin, such as the symbol and description.
  • Premium. You will have the opportunity to create a full-fledged cryptocurrency with the PoS mining algorithm, fully configure all the characteristics, as well as set all the necessary parameters! This is an advanced solution for serious projects.

EDC coin price

The price of EDC token is always chaining, however, BitcoinWiki gives you a chance to see the prices online on Coin360 widget.

Why was the LPoS mining method chosen?

On the EDC blockchain platform, the hybrid LPoS algorithm (Leased Proof-of-Stake), i.e, “leased proof of ownership interest”, works. This consensus mechanism has significant advantages: for example, it attracts all users, regardless of their stack, to work on protecting and securing the network, and distributes the reward fairly, as each participant receives their share in proportion to the contribution. This is an excellent opportunity even for owners of a small number of coins to get bonuses. The essence of the algorithm is that owners of smaller amounts of cryptocurrency rent their coins to full-fledged nodes, while the nodes form a block, therefore, the owners receive their share of the total reward. This principle is similar to mining pools, which now serve almost the entire Bitcoin network. Due to the initiation and stimulation of network members with smaller amounts, the level of its security is also increased. The EDC blockchain platform is one of the few pioneers which is switching its mining algorithm to the LPoS algorithm. All coin holders are merged into masternodes.

How can I participate in EDC mining?

To start mining on the EDC blockchain platform, it is necessary to donate coins to the Masternode in which a large pool of coins is collected. The Masternode will start mining and automatically distribute bonuses among users in proportion to their contribution. You can choose a mining program with a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months.

What is a Masternode?

Ecrofund, a progressive fund of a new generation, will manage the Masternode on the basis of the EDC blockchain platform. ECROFund operates on the principle of a mutual tokenized fund. Investors can buy domestic currency, acquire a share of the fund and are entitled to a portion of the income, in proportion to their investment. A total of 100 million coins (ECROcoin) will be issued, while each coin will show the share of the fund. The starting price of the token will be $1. ECROFund will diversify investments and distribute the investment portfolio between cryptocurrencies and the real economy thereby, making the token fund more resistant to fluctuations and daily changes in the cryptocurrency market. In addition to investing in startups, blockchain projects and STOs, the fund will invest in energy and green economy projects. This project portfolio and the growing capitalization of the ECROfund based on the EDC blockchain further enhance the stability of the platform. Thus, a unique algorithm, ECRA, will be implemented in the fund.

What is the amount of issuance for EDC cryptocurrency?

The number of EDC coins is limited to 100 billion units. Coin issuance is automatically reduced through the mining algorithm, while the last EDC coin will be produced on January 1st, 2040, which will create a shortage of coins, thereby increasing its liquidity and directly affecting the growth of the cryptocurrency rate. Such changes will work in the interest of the entire EDC Blockchain community.

What opportunities does EDC offer in the real sector?

To date, the EDC community exceeds 1 million users, while the cryptocurrency is used by people in 57 countries. In the near future, the integration of the EDC coin will be implemented in numerous retail outlets throughout the world, including the developed marketplace for the expanding community of the EDC platform. It will be a multi-user online trading system based on blockchain technology using smart contracts.

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