EGYPT Token (EGY) is solving the problem of losing your investment in case if you buy a Cryptocurrency and it’s market value fall down, the project gives 70 Cents back for every paid US Dollar in case if EGYPT (EGY) market value fall down.



A Gold-backed open-source payment network which allows peer-to-peer transfer of tokens among the community of EGY holders. EGY decentralized blockchain technology is build on Ethereum protocol to operate with no central authority or banks.

However, EGY Marketplace and ICO Listing is decentralized with centralized trade audits and dispute resolution for a start. EGYPT (EGY) development team will explore means to decentralize this feature. EGYPT (EGY) is a simple way to exchange money at a very low cost… And also provides low cost ICO Listing, online shopping and service center setup. For this reason, EGYPT (EGY) marketplace will be developed as a multipurpose, multi vendor marketplace to ICO Listing, buy or sell goods and services in exchange and use for EGY Tokens.

Technical Information

  • Name: EGYPT
  • Symbol: EGY
  • Price: 1 EGY = 0.1 US Dollar
  • Total supply: 1000000000 EGY
  • Total EGY for public: 650000000 EGY
  • Token Decimals: 18
  • ERC20 Contract: 0xC6B948f81aC3399db13BcfE25833B0F2Ad672651
  • Block Size: 16.348 Kbytes (EGYPT (EGY) uses Ethereum’s block size and rate)
  • Wallets in use: Trust, Eidoo, Kcash, Coinomi

EGYPT Coin (EGY) Features

  • Blockchain Transparency. Blockchain provides full transaction transparency, resulting in increased trust and a higher outputs for the holders. All transactions are done via EGY, an Ethereum token.
  • Gold Backed. EGY is the first real gold backed erc20 token, giving your token a value that helps control volatility of the currency in future and present. This makes EGY most stable for merchants and vendors to accept.
  • Fast Transaction. EGY provides a seem less transactions speed compared to regular traditional transactions time.
  • EGY Marketplace (PyramidsGate). An integrated EGY marketplace provides opportunity to offer ICO Listing, sell goods and services from your current customers and more 3rd parties. All merchants and vendors have immediate access to list their own service or project on the EGYPT marketplace, They will have optional premium access to data about clients and customers trends and past purchase trends to make the right decisions about their sales without giving away private data of EGY holders. This improves success rates in the future for vendors and merchants.

Attractive Tokenomics:
EGY is a fixed supply ERC-20 token that is used in all transactions within and outside the EGY ecosystem, from travel & tours, to hotel and relaxation, to health insurance, to automobiles, to marketplace spending and external purchases via the EGY payments gateway. Real utility means real demand for the EGY token.

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