The Erecoin platform is a symbiosis of Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing) and Blockchain. The Erecoin platform focuses on the rapidly growing Additive Manufacturing industry and solves a variety of applications.


Erecoin Review

Through the intensified use of available 3D printers and a safe and reliable infrastructure provided for customer experience with Additive Manufacturing, Erecoin addresses legal constellations in the Additive Manufacturing process with the blockchain technology solutions.

Erecoin is part of a flexible system that adapts to the needs of its users. The platform will work with significant amounts of data, categorize files and create conditions for collective transactions. The unique capabilities of erecoin are available to all platform customers.


Erecoin will build efficient, clear and uncomplicated transaction processes to help to establish Additive Manufacturing as a key manufacturing method in the future. Thus, the Erecoin platform solves dependencies on economic and resource-rich centres and is a global and decentral accelerator of additive manufacturing. Individuals and companies, regardless of their geographical location, will be able to design, modify, buy and produce products using the Erecoin platform.

Data exchange and rules on the usage of data are integrated into the blockchain. The Erecoin platform is a decentralized blockchain solution focused on the transfer and exchange of digital 3D data and services. These transactions are referred to as an “ensured relied environment”.

Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D-Printing or 3D manufacturing, is becoming increasingly important in industry. In particular in prototype construction, in components with a high degree of individualization or components with a complicated geometry, these production methods are used. But also in the production of end products, the extent to which additive manufacturing is used is growing.


Core team

  • CIO & CO FOUNDER/ Blockchain Developer: Jürgen Kleinfelder
  • CEO & Co Founder. Business Administration: Konstantin Steinmüller
  • Communication and Social Media Manager: Frank Jablonski
  • Blockchain Developer: Tobias Müller
  • Business Administration and Marketing: Maria-Sofie Heitauer


  • ICO and Marketing Advisor: Artur Holzwert
  • Additive Manufacturing Advisor: Georg Schlick, Dr. -Ing.
  • Additive Manufacturing Advisor: Ulrich Jahnke
  • Blockchain Development Advisor: Matthias Habdank
  • Strategy Advisor: Saurabh Singla

Token Details

  • Token: ERE;
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC20;
  • Token Price: 0,0005 ETH;
  • Soft Cap: 2 000 000 EURO;
  • Hard Cap: 12 000 000 EURO;
  • Max Token supply: 360 000 000 ERE;
  • Token supply in ICO: 216 000 000 ERE;


Pre-ICO price: 1 ERE = 0.00035 ETH;

  • February 18, 2019 – March 04, 2019: 20%;
  • March 04, 2019 – March 18, 2019: 15%;
  • March 18, 2019 – April 01, 2019: 10%;
  • April 01 , 2019 – April 16, 2019: 5%;

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