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ETH Travel ICO
Ticker: ETHTT
ICO start: 2018-07-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-30 00:00:00
Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 ETHTT
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 6,000,000,000 ETHTT
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 100,000 ETH
Softcap: 10,000 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 60%
Minimum: 1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

Ethereum Travel Token is a disruptive decentralized travel ecosystem integrated with federation protocols (SAML, OAuth, WS-TRUST/FED) built on ERC20 technology for the travelers to book or manage their travel reservations in Travel Industry including Airlines, Hotels, and Car Rental Industries.

ETH Travel Application – Using Ethereum Travel Tokens, the traveler will be able to book and manage travel reservations with the airlines, hotels, car rental industries directly.

Ethereum Travel Token’s goal is to integrate all the Travel Industries (Airlines, Hotel, and Car Rentals) under one umbrella to enable the peer to peer integration between the traveler and the travel industries.



The travel industry is an important and decisive sector to the global economic development. Its direct impact to the global economy was more than 7 trillion USD in 2017. Given the current globalization typified by a changing pattern of traveler’s demands, our options and means of travel are continuously expanding. Traveling to different countries, hotels, and purchasing tickets for local transactions will be in traveler’s fingertips. This will reduce the time to contact the third partysupport agencies in case of any issues and multiple follow ups. The transfer and exchang of traveler’s data over the untrusted networks, circulation of related payment in the industry and reconciliation strategy between service providers and travelers are fast becoming a travel-related global problem as a result of manner of settlement, fraud, means/terms of payments, and legacy systems. These challenges are inhibiting the potentials of the travel industry as loss of huge amounts every year.
The different approaches employed to share and exchange data/value, disputes and costs of transactions in settlements personified us, as the travelers, and reduce the profitability of the service providers. They believe that the ETH Travel ecosystem with its native crypto currency called Ethereum Travel TOKENS (ETHTT) and blockchain smart contracts will be the ideal solution to these pain points. The ETH Travel blockchain provides incentivize and innovative solutions for data transfer and storage in the industry, payment and billing problems, real-time solution for dispute settlement, and introduce technology-driven functionalities such as exchange market for reservations & tickets, and tailored-made airline tickets. Hotel reservation/ticket will be done via the ETH Travel smart tokens which can be divided, exchanged or used to make payment on the ETH Travel platform. 


December 2016: Initial Idea/Solution to create Ethereum Travel Token was born.
February 2017: Foundation of Research & Development center on current Travel Industries.
May 2017: 11-member team formed to start the Enterprise case study on several use cases in travel industry and connecting with major travel industries.
July 2017: Solution to integrate all the major travel industries using Blockchain and Federation technologies.
September 2017: Development of workflows for end to end user travel booking process, set up the environment for the integrations.
November 2017: Initial POC to integrate with Global Distribution Systems (Airlines, Hotels & Car Rentals) started as part of the beta phase.
June 2018: ICO Crowd-Sale Starts.
July 2018: ICO Crowd-Sale Ends.
October 2018: List Ethereum Travel Tokens (ETHTT) on major exchanges.
June 2019: Ethereum Travel cloud application integration with major travel industries inEurope/ Asia (including release of mobile application to the user community) for the users touse Ethereum Travel Tokens to book/manage the travel reservations.
May 2020: Expansion of Ethereum Travel Tokens usage to North/South American travelindustries.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Kimura Laura Advisor Advisors Kimura Laura photo 7.8
Marcia Groell Advisor Advisors Marcia Groell photo 7.8
Julia Oona Senior Advisor Advisors Julia Oona photo 7.8
Salonen Kasi SVP Business Development Manager BDM Salonen Kasi photo 7.8
Oinoun Rauli CEO & Founder CEO Oinoun Rauli photo 7.8
Brain Rambach Chief Technology Officer CTO Brain Rambach photo 7.8
Williams Smith Director of ETH Travel Platform Development Williams Smith photo 7.8
Paul ladder Senior Product Lead Development Paul ladder photo 4
David Muller Senior Developer Development David Muller photo 7.8
Mark Davis Senior Lead Developer Development Mark Davis photo 7.8
Chong Long Senior Engineer Development Chong Long photo 7.8

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