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Etherscan is a service on which any user can view Ethereum network statistics. The main task of the platform is to display information about the latest blocks and transactions of the network. Registration, any fee, or special access are not needed to view this information on a service. Users can follow the changes in real-time.


Platform review

The Etherscan block browser is needed to get up-to-date and verified network information. The platform collected detailed information about the Ethereum token and its network. Similar services are created today for other popular coins, for example, Bitcoin, ZCash, Monero. Etherscan is a useful service for the following categories of people:

  • Miners – and those who actively mine tokens, and those who only plan to do it. The server stores statistics about the network hash rate, mining complexity, transaction time. There is even a special Etherscan calculator in which you can calculate the approximate yield of production.
  • Investors are mostly professional market participants who use Ethereum for long-term and short-term investments. With the help of charts, they estimate the popularity of the coin, make predictions for the future and, based on this, make up a further strategy.
  • Owners of Ethereum wallets – on the service user can see the status of his wallet, the exact number of coins in it. This allows once again not to enter the wallet and not to expose funds to the risk of theft.

How Etherscan Works

Etherscan Dashboard

The main task of the block browser Etherscan is to provide information about the blocks and transactions of Ethereum in real-time. This information is displayed on the main page of the site. The browser provides information about the coin itself: market capitalization, the value of the currency, and the percentage change. There are data on the number of transactions, hash rate, the complexity of extraction.


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