Flaskwallet a multi-node bitcoin client, a web app written with flask . If you know how to use python and how to run a bitcoind you can probably use it. Alternatively you can also run bitcoin-qt with the -server option. Flaskwallet is not a thin client, you need to run bitcoin nodes to manage them through the RPC API.

You can also connect to many altcoin daemons. Users have use this app to manage a dozen or so different crypto currencies.


  • Manage multiple crypto currencies and nodes/wallets
  • Sign messages
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly, though you’ll want to use a tablet to manage your coins from the couch
  • Optional OTP for wallet decryption, using Google Authenticator (or alternatives)
  • Use different accounts per wallet
  • Send coins from specific accounts
  • Move coins from account to account

One important note though: The account features don’t mean that you can send coins received from a specific account in a transaction. They are purely an internal organizational tool for yourself and don’t allow separating streams of coins. You need multiple bitcoin nodes to do that.

Code: https://github.com/nkuttler/flaskwallet

Full documentation: http://flaskwallet.readthedocs.org/en/latest/



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