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Coalichain ICO
Ticker: ZUZ
ICO start: 2018-08-02 13:00:00
ICO end: 2018-11-04 13:00:00
Price: 1 ZUZ = 0.18 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 269,500,000 ZUZ
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 33,000,000 USD
Softcap: 3,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 35%
Minimum: 1,000 USD
Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat

Coalichain is a decentralized democracy ecosystem, based on blockchain, smart-contracts, and crypto. It delivers effective, accountable, people-driven governance to any organization from DAOs, through companies, NGOs, municipalities and all the way to general elections. Coalichain enables tracking the performance of elected officials and hold them accountable.



Empowering Voters. Cleaning Politics.
Coalichain is a blockchain-based, mobile platform (app) for accountable, clean, direct elections. It is designed to allow candidates and politicians to present their political agenda directly to their voters and supporters; make clear and accountable promises; transparently raise money and more. It is a virtual environment that “levels the playing field” and, for the first time in human history, allows for truly free and clean from external influences, elections. 
Context – They are Paying a Lot for Very Little
Low Confidence and external influences. 88% of people think that elections are important. 45% have confidence in the honesty of the elections (World Bank). Lobbying spend is spiking ($3bn in the US in 2016). Voter turnout, continues to decline – people are disengaging.
Pain: Discounted Voters & Disillusioned Candidates
Candidates who want to win and to keep their position need money and political clout. They have to give up their ideals or bend to the rich and powerful. Voters chronically being discounted, disenfranchised and they are powerless.
Problem: Disappointing the Public has a Better RoI
It is easier, cheaper and less politically dangerous to make empty promises to the public. Voters are easily manipulated and chronically disappointed to the point of indifference. Candidates are more accountable to special-interest groups and less to the public.
Solution: Decentralized Accountable Politics
The Coalichain app allows candidates to get funded by the public and voters to hold their elected officials accountable, with In-app fundraising for a campaign or a cause, smart-contracts governed “stick and carrot” mechanism and flexible, conditioned voting, polls and surveys.
Key Benefits: Transparency & Accountability
Coalichain promotes trust between voters and candidates, and in the political system. Candidates no longer depend on powerful organizations with deep pockets. Voters can control what is done with their vote.


Q1, 2018: Private Sale – Running Successfully
Q2, 2018: 2018 Token Presale Mobile App Alpha tests
Q3, 2018: ZUZ token crowdsale Mobile app Pilots
Q4, 2018: ZUZ token tradable on Exchanges Large-scale Introducing to Politicians in Israel, Estonia (more countries according to funds) Full version & Blockchain integrated App.
2019: Entering new countries and private sectors.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Levi Samama Co-founder, Co-CEO & CFO Levi Samama photo 3.5
Shay Galili Co-Founder – CTO Shay Galili photo 3.5
Ilja Šmorgun Co-CEO Ilja Šmorgun photo 3.5
Moti Ovadya Partnership Director Moti Ovadya photo 3.5
Rachel Haya Mushka Attias Partnerships Manager Rachel Haya Mushka Attias photo 3.5
Debora Zajac Partnerships Manager Debora Zajac photo 3.5
Eliahu Dynovisz Partnerships Manager Eliahu Dynovisz photo 3.5
Samuel Djian Web Project Manager Samuel Djian photo 3.5
Yehuda Chersnovsky Strategic Architect Yehuda Chersnovsky photo 3.5
Elisheva Chersnovsky Art Director Politics advisor and presenter during 10 years. Art & communication direction. Elisheva Chersnovsky photo 3.5
Elie Suzan Design Studio & art Director Elie Suzan photo 3.5
Erez Yaffe Strategic Marketing Manager Erez Yaffe photo 3.5
Sami Sabin Marketing Officer Sami Sabin photo 3.5
Zafi Daniel Financial Director Zafi Daniel photo 3.5
Virendra Kumar Senior. PHP Developer Virendra Kumar photo 3.5
Rakhi Bhardwaj Project Manager Rakhi Bhardwaj photo 3.5
Sahil Arora Senior. Android APP Developer Sahil Arora photo 3.5
Kapil B Grover Head Project Management Kapil B Grover photo 3.5
Sandeep Kumar Head of Delivery Sandeep Kumar photo 3.5
Sumit Kumar Technical Head Sumit Kumar photo 6.8
Aditya Solanki Senior. iOS APP Developer Aditya Solanki photo 3.5
Saurabh Pahwa Head of Design Saurabh Pahwa photo 3.5
Yogendra Chauhan Senior. Designer Yogendra Chauhan photo 3.5
Olivier Rafowicz Reserve Colonel in the Israeli Defence Force (Foreign Media Spokesperson). Advisors Olivier Rafowicz photo 3.5
Frédéric Lefebvre Former Secretary of State – Former Member of UMP, LR & National Assembly, France. Advisors Frédéric Lefebvre photo 3.5
Gregory Zaoui Head of Mobile Development & Quality Control at RavTech. Advisors Gregory Zaoui photo 3.5
Dror Medalion Blockchain Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO Advisors Dror Medalion photo 5.5
Edgar Kampers Cryptocurrency Architect. Coaclichain ambassador in Netherlands Advisors Edgar Kampers photo 7.8
Adnan Javed Blockchain advisor at Sapien. Coalichain Ambassador in Australia. Advisors Adnan Javed photo 32.29
Peter Merc Blockchain Legal Expert, co-founder at Lemur Legal. Coalichain Ambassador in Slovenia. Advisors Peter Merc photo 24.6
Marc Lipskier Founder of Bamboo & Bees, President at World of Blockchains The Blockchains Governing Forum. Advisors Marc Lipskier photo 3.5
Yitshak Kalfon Corporate Strategy Specialist, with 35 years of experience in business development and mentoring young entrepreneurs Advisors Yitshak Kalfon photo 3.5
Oury Chouchana Legal Advisor, Former lawyer at the Paris Bar. Advisors Oury Chouchana photo 3.5
Jonathan Tronchon Capital Markets Expert and Blockchain Enthusiast Advisors Jonathan Tronchon photo 3.5
Alan Attar Social Behaviour Researcher with 15 years of experience in Educational and and Corporate e-learning architecture. Advisors Alan Attar photo 3.5
Quentin Lefebvre Coalichain Ambassador – France Advisors Quentin Lefebvre photo 3.5
Mendel Attal Serial Entrepreneur and certified investment analyst Advisors Mendel Attal photo 3.5
Thierry De Gorter Blockchain Expert. Coalichain Ambassador in the UK. Advisors Thierry De Gorter photo 6.5

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