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FoPay – is a Ukranian blockchain-based secure online transparent payment system for eliminating intermediaries and strengthening of merchant-user connection. FoPay payment system can be used for e-commerce, online shops and other online businesses.




Ruslan Salatov – CEO of FoPay

Ruslan Salatov -CEO

FoPay includes

  • FoPay Gateway — Easily integrated FoPay gateway allows vendors to receive payment for goods and services from a built-in wallet.
  • Multi-Currency Wallet — Universal web-wallet allows all FoPay users to replenish it, conduct internal and external transactions and check their history.
  • Merchant Account Platform — Vendor’s back-office allows to add several trading platforms, invite other users, check the history of transactions, and so on.

FoPay Features

FoPay & FOIN CEO Ruslan Salatov announces partnership with Cyclebit
  • Peer to peer transactions in a few clicks
  • Online payments everywhere 24/7
  • Access to the goods and services inside FoPay Merchants community with exclusive access
  • In-house exchange feature
  • Low fees using by FoPay transfer and payment features
  • Secure Hacken-proven wallet for storage your funds

FoPay offers a user-friendly personal account with transaction history, balances, clients tracking, and many more features. FoPay has its exchange, where users will be able to change one currency to a needed one just in few clicks.

FoPay Gateway offers:

  • Fast & Cheap Transactions: due to Blockchain, technology FoPay Gateway enables lightning-fast transactions much cheaper than the traditional ones.
  • Cryptocurrency Use: FoPay payment system allows customers and merchants to store and spend crypto funds, and a built-in exchange helps them to convert crypto to fiat.
  • Wide Range of Interfaces: FoPay can be used wherever it is convenient since it has web and mobile interfaces as well as an API for smooth integration into your platform.
  • FoPay Wallet: Multi-currency wallet securely stores users’ assets, allowing them to purchase services directly from the merchant without third parties engaging.

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