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Freewallet is a development team that creates easy to use digital currency wallets with built-in exchanges. The Freewallet family includes the Multicurrency wallet, capable of holding 30+ cryptocurrencies in one place on iOS, Android, and the web; 23 single currency wallets on Android and 9 single currency wallets on iOS; and Freewallet LIte (iOS, Android) — a hierarchical deterministic wallet for advanced users.

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Freewallet was founded in January 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia. FantomCoin wallet was the first application created by the Freewallet team to test the technology and minimize risks for the first users. After testing FantomCoin, the Freewallet team moved forward to create wallets for popular cryptocurrencies. Later Freewallet launched their single wallets for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Monero on Google Play. Soon, their Ethereum became #1 on Google Play. At the beginning of July 2016, the Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum wallets were approved by Apple and published on the App Store.

In 2017 Freewallet released the web version of their Multicurrency wallet app. Freewallet was also the first to design a dedicated Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for Android and iOS and a dedicated Bitcoin Gold (BTG) wallet for Android. In 2018 Freewallet was listed as the third most popular online wallet for Android, launched the first dedicated TRON (TRX) wallet for Android – after TRON migrated to its own blockchain – and registered an official white label project called Multiwallet in Malta. On March 27, 2019, Freewallet was mentioned on the Netflix web TV series OA. The first episode, where an elderly woman holds her phone with Freewallet’s Ethereum Wallet displaying her ETH balance, rose brand awareness and attracted public attention to the project. Since April 2019, BitTorrent token, a TRC-10 token running on the Tron blockchain, has been available on Freewallet: Crypto Wallet. By June 2019, Freewallet EOS holders had saved over $500,000 For 6 months users created EOS accounts and conducted EOS transactions free of charge.


  • Freewallet apps are digital currency wallets with built-in exchanges for the web, iOS and Android devices. On Freewallet users can hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Bytecoin, and over 25 other cryptocurrencies in one place.
  • Freewallet offers apps that serve as hosted wallets and they also offer an HD Lite Wallet.
  • Hosted wallets allow potential users to familiarize themselves with popular cryptocurrencies, without having to delve into specific technical features and complex settings.
  • The range of hosted wallets includes the Multicurrency app on Android, iOS and the web; 23 single currency wallets on Android; and 9 single currency wallets on iOS. Freewallet also has a Token Wallet designated for storing, receiving and sending 350+ supported ERC20 tokens.

Interface is available for these apps in 13 languages, including:

  • English;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Russian;
  • Italian;
  • Simplified Chinese.

Freewallet supports:

Is Freewallet Safe? The Freewallet team pays extra attention to the security of user assets. In order to keep funds safe they’ve added:

  • PIN code and Touch ID (Fingerprint Login) login
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Multisignature — multiple (up to 5) email confirmations for all transactions (multisig)
  • Cold storage
  • Option to review all logged-in sessions and terminate unknown sessions
  • Transactional limit for a day or for a week, customizable by the user to make sure nobody withdraws more than planned

The support team works 24/7 to make sure the Freewallet experience is smooth and easy. Other important features are:

  • Instant and fee-free transactions between Freewallet users
  • Personalized page for deposits
  • 4 Fee options to transfer Bitcoins
  • Top up prepaid Phone with Bitcoin from user’s wallet review


Multicurrency Wallet

Freewallet’s multicurrency wallet allows users to store, exchange, and withdraw 30+ digital currencies. It possesses all the features available in single currency wallets along with a few extra ones, such as highlighting currencies that are experiencing fast growth at the moment and showing the user’s active wallets in ‘Favorites’. The Multicurrency wallet is available on Android, iOS, and the web.

Token Wallet

The Token Wallet is a dedicated app designed for storing, receiving and sending Ethereum-based tokens. There are currently 350+ ERC20 tokens supported in the app. The Token Wallet is now available for Android only.

Freewallet Lite

A hierarchical deterministic wallet with client-controlled private key storage, total anonymity, and 100% privacy. No registration required, both transaction activity and total balance are difficult to track — a unique address is generated for each transaction. Freewallet Lite is available on Android and iOS. Freewallet Lite supports Bitcoins, Ethereums and ERC20 Tokens.


The articles published on Freewallet blog cover a vast variety of topics from price analysis and project reviews to cryptocurrency references in pop culture. Apart from educational and entertaining posts, there are exclusive interviews with remarkable individuals from the cryptosphere like TRON CEO and founder Justin Sun.

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