Green Funding Platforms

Green Funding Platform (GFP) is a new crowdfunding platform for ESG Investment with a visible flow of funds by Green Funding Coins (GFC).



What is ESG investment?

ESG Investment refers to investing in companies or ventures that incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance factors into investment decisions.

ESG investment counts for a quarter of the world’s market cap totaling USD 25 trillion. 15 trillion and 8 trillion are respectively managed in Europe and the US. ESG market has been drawing a lot of attention all over the world. Further, more and more funds will be invested in ESG related projects in the future.

What is the problem of ESG investment?

The problem is the number of intermediaries in the investment process. In some cases, less than 50% of investment reaches its intended target, due to complex fundraising schemes which are difficult to trace and funds are being diverted to less than desirable areas.

Why is blockchain used?

By utilizing Blockchain Technology, GFP can make the flow of investment intended to improve the world 100% traceable, transparent, and unalterable. This also provides users with a platform that gives them a safe investing experience, and that matches investors and ESG projects for more projects.

What is GFC (Green Funding Coin)?

GFC (Green Funding Coin) is the key currency used to invest and pay out on the GFP. When coin holders use GFP, at first, they charge Green Funding Coin, and send GFC to the entity they wish to invest in. Then, the entity will return the yield of rate to the investors in GFC. The investors can take the return with them, converting GFC into legal currencies, or can invest in other entities again.

What are the advantages of holding GFC?

GFC is precisely designed to have low volatility because the price of GFC is fixed from pre-sale period until listing on exchanges to avoid a crash right after listing due to high sell pressure. GFCs will not disappoint purchasers or participants with so-called “ICO crash”.

Thanks to its design and the above eco-system, investors will enjoy an increase in the value of GFC steadily and sustainably as well as the investment itself.

Who has purchased GFC?

Those currently investing in GFC are more wealthy, sophisticated investors. Investors with their assets over USD 10 million frequently take part in GFC project. This is because they are aware that ESG related investments are more sustainable in the long run.

Who is in the team?

Professionals engaged with GFP have backgrounds as an advisor from the world largest financial firm, environmental technical advisor and so on. A boarding member from the world’s largest finance firm will also join GFP this spring.

Road Map

GFP will be listed on an exchange within 2 months, and the Beta version of GFP will be launched at the same time.

Stock for large buyers

For large buyers of GFC, stock will be granted. Holding the stock benefits you with the capital gain of IPO.

Joining in GFC with more than USD 10,000.00 shall be granted with GFP stock and can look forward to the capital gain of the IPO within 5 years

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