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1GB AES Pattern Search review

1GB AES Pattern Search is a proof-of-work algorithm, derived from the Momentum proof-of-work algorithm and developed by the HOdlcoin team. This coin was created specifically for CPU mining so the algo allows CPU mining only. Currently, there is no software or hardware to mine it in any other way and given small development enthusiasm considering the algorithm, there won’t be anytime soon. 1GB AES Pattern Search is based on the principle of generating a large amount of pseudo-random data. This technology helps to achieve a high level of security. The develpers also implemented it to make the algo memory-hard. By filling up RAM with pseudo-random data, 1GB AES Pattern Search algorithm makes the coin built with it ASIC-resistant and approachable for the large audience. Coin using 1GB AES Pattern Search can be efficiently mined with consumer grade hardware, making them more distributed and decentralized by allowing users with weak mining gear to take part in the network. 1GB AES Pattern Search was developed on top of the Momentum algorithm by Daniel Larimer. Momentum was first used in the Memorycoin cryptocurrency and didn’t become widely implemented. However, concepts it was based on became a great part of the cryptocurrency industry finding their place in the CryptoNight and Ethash algorithms.


HOdlcoin is a cryptocurrency and a project that developed and was first to implement 1GB AES Pattern Search algorithm. It is a fork of Bitcoin that encourages having a stable balance on the wallet by issuing a reward. Its name derived from the Hodl, Hodler – internet meme and a slang name of those who buy cryptocurrencies and hold them (does not sell) regardless of the market situation (corresponds to the fiat investment strategy “buy and hold”). The coin pays 5% interest on regular balances, and up to 10% interest on the coins “HODL’d” for 1 year. Here are some specifications of the coin:

Characteristic Value
Block time 154 sec
Block reward 50 coins
Halving cycle 4 years
Premine or ICO No
P2P port 1989
RPC port 11989

According to CoinMarketCap.com, current market capitalization of the coin is $134 443. The price of one coin is around $0.0005. It is available for the purchase on such exchanges as Coinexchange.io, Crypto Hub and Palitanx.


There are currently only two coins based on the 1GB AES Pattern Search algorithm – HOdlcoin and Roi Coin, its fork. Both cryptos are only available for CPU mining. Mining can be performed both with the mining pools and solo. The last is an encouraged by the developers of the coins. Solo mining is performed with wallet applications, developed by the teams of HOdlcoin and ROI coin. These applications can be downloaded from the official websites of mentioned coins and are available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Mining pools that allow HodlCoin and Roi Coin mining are Optiminer.pl and Suprnova.cc.

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