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Honest Mining is a company that run masternode and sell its stakes (staking as a service / staking pool). It is one of the first masternode cloud mining companies in the world. The company mission is to build trustworthy and easy crypto mining that is accessible to everyone.



Honest Mining was founded in 2017 by Lawrence Samantha (CEO), Edy Senjaya (CTO) and Dionisius Evan Alam (CPO). As early bitcoin miners, Lawrence understood the importance of mining to sustain the blockchain network. With all the problems surrounding Proof-of-Work coins[1], they realized that there is a need for a legitimate Proof-of-stake pool.

Afterwards, they start Honest Mining Platform development, and came with a MVP that allows customers to easily join masternode, and get rewards in proportion of their stake. The team write Honest Token whitepaper to explain not only the platform vision & mission, but also commitment to the miner community.

Honest Mining use Honest Token (HNST) as the native utility token of Honest Mining Platform. Once opened to public, customers will be able to use HNST to join masternode, get special discount and other usages.


Honest Mining services allow customers to stake various masternode coins, which allows them to receive rewards for becoming masternode.


Customer do not need to understand technicalities on how to run masternode, as the platform will take care of that for the customer.


Customer do not have to wait for masternode to mature and start earning reward. Customer will get masternodes that have been properly setup and receiving rewards.


Customer can join and start staking with a very small investment.

Supported Cryptocurrency

Supported cryptocurrencies:

Honest Token Facts

Ticker HNST
Token Classification Utility token
Token Type
ICO Token Price 1 ETH = 7500 HNST
Hard Cap 20000 ETH
Soft Cap 5000 ETH
Total Tokens 400,000,000 HNST
Available for Token Sale 200,000,000 HNST (50%)
Whitelist YES
Know Your Customer / KYC YES
Bonus for Public Sales 0-25%
Min/Max Personal Cap 0.1 ETH
Accepted Crypto ETH, BTC, TEN

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