Smartcash cryptocurrency appeared in summer 2017. It originates from the Zcoin platform. Recently the price of the coin has increased by 22%, and the Smartcash project attracts new investors. The Smartcash cryptocurrency project is based on a blockchain system that has a decentralized management system. In addition, the creators were faced with the creation of an exchange that would be fully viable, with a related internal system among themselves. The main goal is the production of Smartcash cryptocurrency. The creators of the cryptocurrency platform wanted to create a token that actively developed and gained the highest value when selling. The main purpose of cryptocurrency developers is to attract new participants, organize a real trading platform, for this reason it is necessary to organize a marketing program.



A distinctive feature of the platform is the reward of its users who have been working on the site for a long time. To receive the reward, users need to leave about one thousand tokens untouched on their account. The duration of the period is from the 25th of one month to the same date of the other. The cost of the reward is equal to the amount that was withheld by the cryptocurrency system. The reward depends on the number of coins collected for the period of interest.

The Smartcash platform provides encouragement to an individual participant or the whole community, with active participation in discussions. Users discuss the project weaknesses, and what changes they would like to see. In the event that a certain decision is made in the smart hives section, then funds are received from the community for the implementation of modernization plans.

The project Smartcash feature, which has the amazing property of regeneration. For the cryptocurrency system, this is the latest technology. The essence of the option is that absolutely every participant can get rid of their savings. It takes from one to three minutes. At the same time, complete confidentiality is maintained, since payments are not tracked through the blockchain system. Unfortunately, the function is not free, but its cost is not too high. Coins on the transaction come to an anonymous wallet, and the user’s account receives completely new ones.


Mining is carried out without a fee for the pool, and it allowed to unite with the European and American system of pools. It turns out that no contributions are made, but the participant of the Smartcash platform receives 5% on his digital wallet. 5% reward for mining can release participants from Smartcash platform fees.


The price of Smartcash cryptocurrency is $0.06, and capitalization is $59 million. The platform takes 56 place in the ranking of e-currencies.

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