HYGH is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that seeks to create an open global display network for dynamic real time advertising. The platform will connect advertisers with owners of public displays and enable users registered on the platform to become advertisers regardless of their company size or their advertising competency.


HYGH Review

The HYGH ecosystem will consist of a Content Management System for displays that will enable display providers to have control of the contents available on their displays. The platform is easy to set up and requires little maintenance by the display providers.

Advertisers can run their hyper local ad-campaigns for a fee of as little as five dollars per day. The HYGH platform will enable the advertisers to react to current events, as they occur and increase their market reach as they can advertise their products or services in the real world.

How HYGH Real Time Display Advertising Blockchain Network Works

The advertiser begins by planning their campaign, providing content for their campaign and setting their budget. The HYGH platform will enable the advertiser to coordinate their campaign during their desired timeframe using the set budget.

Once the payment is confirmed, the advertiser can select the displays of their advertising campaigns. They will also receive a detailed overview and summary of the entire advertising campaign through the user dashboard on the HYGH platform. A validator will audit the campaigns before they go live.

Display providers begin generating income by selecting the operating systems of their displays and connecting them to the HYGH network. They are also required to provide the HYGH network with information regarding their display and make it available for use by advertisers.

Similar to the advertiser, the display providers will have access to an overview of their connected displays and current earning through the dashboard. They will also receive a detailed summary of their individual connected displays and the performance of each display.

HYGH Features

Cost Efficiency

Advertisers have the opportunity to select their displays and book the specific time slots for their advertisements. This precise targeting will help the advertisers reduce the overall cost associated with the advertisement and increase the conversion rate.

Time Saving

Display providers are not required to undergo time-consuming processes since to begin generating passive income they simply download the HYGH application and set their preferences. Advertisers, on the other hand, can use the Campaign Creators to launch their adverts within minutes.

Global Scaling

The platform’s global distributed network implements a lean business model together with a modular platform structure that enables global scaling as well as anyone to participate on the platform as either an advertiser or a display owner.


All the events and transactions that occur within the HYGH ecosystem are recorded in the distributed blockchain network. This generates trust, transparency and datasets, which advertisers can build upon as the advertisers, will have a means of verifying how long, when and where their advertisements were played.

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