iCasting is a one-stop-shop talent platform, with the view to change the casting industry globally. We are creating a decentralized community where talents and clients are connected directly to each other, eliminating the need for an intermediary. By developing our Talent Token we can use smart contracts to finalize payments, while also implementing a bounty program. Users can check a new job’s validity, answer community questions or translate the site to a new language for token rewards. Through an advanced reputation system talents are able to complete jobs and follow courses to increase their profiles reputation.


To transfer funds from clients to talents we use a Third Party bankaccount right now. This ensures the security and safety of the transaction. If we want to expand we have set this up in each country we enter. But rules and regulations in each country make this difficult and some times even impossible. At this moment iCasting has a high responsibility in the mutual agreement between clients & talents. They have to agree upon details like job description, time & location, appearance, copyright, buy out and the talent fee.

By using our own Token together with our Smart Contract we can solve these challenges. All the agreements will be stored on the blockchain. Thereby providing Transparency, & Control. Also we can ensure an effective safe payment Escrow. Where the funds are transferred when the job is completed. 

this brings us to our second challenge; verification. Offering a safe & secure casting proces is of our highest priority. One of the values of traditional casting agencies is the verification of both clients and talents. Because we have cut out the middle man we need an alternative verification proces. At this moment we have a large back office to take care of this proces.  As we enter new markets this will become a bottleneck. 

Now, we’ve noticed a willingness in the community to provide support to each other. We want to stimulate them to screen talents and jobs and provide general support to the community. But we want provide incentive to do this often and accurate. So we’re going to reward the community for all valuable contributions on the platform.

For identity verification of clients we will do a tier based KYC with a KYC partner. So you know if you’re talking to Coca Cola and not to a pretender. With these procedures we ensure the identity of our users… but not yet the skills. So, we’re creating a rating system where everyone can build a reputation for themselves; After a job’s completion, both talents and clients will rate each other at a skill specific level. This way the user reputation can directly be linked to completed jobs, which makes them verifiable.

Our skill and identity verification will be available cross-platform. We have created a mechanism where iCasting or any authorized entity is the identity provider. The identity can be provided to third parties only when a talent allows it. The integrity of this data can be ensured by storing a checksums in the blockchain. In much the same way iCasting provides certifications for courses on the iCasting Academy. These certifications can be signed by iCasting and given to talents. In the future iCasting will also verify and authorize third parties for talent certification.


The whole iCasting ecosystem will be tokenized and all our users will have a constant need for tokens. Talents can earn tokens by doing jobs and for contributions to the platform. They can spend tokens on multiple features that increase their reputation or change to be selected for jobs. Clients need tokens for placing jobs and to pay the talent fees. Brands and advertisers need talent tokens for promotions and advertisements.Talent Tokens can always be bought and sold via integrated third party services on the platform at any time. Our business models provide a constant flow of new tokens going through the system. The ongoing demand for more Talent Tokens will result in an increase in value for all token holders.

A growing user database of talents will make sure that the demand for Talent Tokens is ever increasing. By entering new markets, the iCasting platform will see a huge influx of new users who need our tokens. Because there is only a finite supply of Talent Tokens this will result in value increasing even more. Through these manners iCasting is able to ensure an added value to all token holders.

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