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Incent is a cryptocurrency asset released on Waves blockchain. It gives merchants a universal crypto-currency, which they can distribute among your clients as a bonus points. Incent is based on the assumption that restricting the options available to new customers is an erroneous approach to doing business. Instead, Incent provides a one-stop reward that provides customer loyalty to customers wishing to receive additional INCNT tokens. The company is headquartered in Australia and has office presences in the UK and Mexico.



Incent (TM-INCENT) – Blockchain based global reward currency, designed to reward anyone, anywhere, anytime and any place for any digitally trackable action. Their plug-in allows you to build and manage a powerful loyalty reward program from within your existing platform so you can issue Incent as reward for purchases and accept it in redemption for future purchases[1].

For over three years now, BitScan has been offering the largest Bitcoin merchant directory service in the world. And, the new blockchain-based loyalty platform – Incent – is derived as a result of what the creators have learnt and experienced over this period of time.

The Incent venture itself is based in Australia, with the platform allowing merchants to be part of a decentralized ‘loyalty-as-a-service network’ with access to a global universal customer base and marketing tools. They also have office presences in the UK and Mexico[2].

ICO start date: 2016-09-01 and completed 2016-11-30


Incent (INCNT) coin the future of loyalty on the Blockchain

Incent utilizes blockchain technology to create what are described as “transferable, freely tradable crypto tokens” that can be shared between the merchants who are part of the Incent network. These tokens can then be used by the merchants as rewards for their loyal customers, which can be immediately credited to their wallet. They are accessible through their mobile phone or web browser.

The redemption of these rewards is not just confined to one retailer, but can be used across any merchant who is part of the Incent loyalty platform. Add to that Incent rewards can be gifted to other individuals or traded for ‘fiat’ and other digital currencies on exchanges as well.

Incent allows instant settlement and the possibility of using the rewards in the real-world to increase customer retention. As the number of merchants on the platform increases – as it is envisaged – so the value of a ‘finite’ number of reward tokens also increases.

More information in the project whitepaper: Using Blockchain to Boost Commerce


INCNT market cap[3] on 12 OCT 2017: $6,078,290

INCNT price on 12 OCT 2017: $0.132089

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