Infinitecoin is digital currency for peer-to-peer payments that offers such benefits as low fees and near instant transactions for anywhere in the world. Infinitecoin is a decentralized and peer2peer cryptocurrency forked from Litecoin in 2013 with the primary goal of facilitating stress-free online payments. One notable thing about Infinitecoin is the high supply of its coins. Unlike Bitcoin and Litecoin that have 21 million and 84 million coins that will ever exist in their networks, Infinitecoin has 90.6 billion native coins abbreviated as IFC.

Around August 2013, Infinitecoin was trading at a price of $0.000006 and remained within the same low range before gaining marginally to hit $0.00011 in January 2014.The price remained within the range of $0.000001 and $0.000026 until May 2017 when it started rising marginally. On January 10th 2018, the price shot to $0.000342, about 5600% growth from the price recorded in August 2013. By January 19th2018, the price had dropped to $0.000236. It continued with the downward trend and stabilized at around $0.000033 starting from July 2018 through to the close of the third quarter of 2018.

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