ITrue coin

ITrue has set itself the goal of making people’s lives safer and easier by introducing innovations to their lives.



Before starting the process of creating iTrue, the development team worked on the creation of IT systems for the commercial market segment in the service industry. The beginning of the development of various systems that were aimed at ensuring the security of services for the maintenance of payments and the tracking of fraudulent activities was started in 2006. At that time, they already met the high industry standard, such as PCI DSS. Given the experience of developing security systems for more than 10 years – the company made the following conclusions: even the slightest error in the structure can cause big problems and serious consequences. These include crimes such as stealing passwords, information about plastic cards and these phones. Complexity in the perception of the principles of confirmation of access rights significantly slows down the process of interaction of the user with the system. The most important problem in the company’s opinion is problems of selling or transferring personal data to third parties for profit. Such an approach to protecting information can adversely affect private life. iTrue was built in such a way as to serve not only as a service for authenticating the user, but also as a platform for other users or companies that plan to create different products or provide services. The basis for confirming the user’s data was the biometric identification technology. It allows users to access based on the fact that the user himself is a password to the system.

How it works

The essence of data protection from iTrue is not only to provide an advanced biometric monitoring system for users. The company guarantees that all data that relates to the user will remain safe and secure. Such a high level of security is achieved due to the lack of servers in the process of storing data with a centralized control and data storage system. The development team has created an efficient data storage system that allows you to quickly decentralize through a blockchain database application. The main purpose of this solution is to protect the privacy of users. They have the ability to control the process of using their personal data. When trying to find out the confidential information of the user by third parties, they can do this only with the consent of the owner of the information.


Current recognition systems that are used in the market do not provide the necessary level of security that is required by the client, or their use causes great inconvenience. These factors influence the growth of the risk of loss of data privacy. A system that can provide a good level of security is a multifactor complex of data validation based on MFA technology. The use of such security systems allows users to minimize the risk of getting personal data from intruders, but for some reason they do not have much popularity. A possible cause of MFA’s refusal to use could be the problem of the low speed of the user authorization process, which had a negative impact on companies implementing this technology. A certain segment of users refuses to provide their personal data to companies that use a centralized data storage system. This is due to some concerns that their data can be transferred to third parties. In order to solve most of these problems, it was decided to create the company iTrue. It is a platform that provides access to micro services for use by both enterprises and ordinary users. It uses block-as-a-service (Blockchain as a Service) technology. It can be used by companies or developers, as a means to confirm user data. It also allows users to integrate systems for user authentication in their own network. ITrue provides micro services in the form of certain standardized blocks. They can be built into the systems or applications already created by the developers. This means that creators of different programs, applications or systems no longer need to create systems for recognizing users from scratch.

For additional convenience, the company has implemented support for smart contracts. They can be encrypted in at least 10 languages. These include: C / C ++, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Kotlin, Java and Go. The identity platform stores all user data using the technology block. This technology allows users to refuse the storage of personal data on various devices. The risk of data loss due to the loss of a smartphone or bank card is reduced to zero. Also, the user does not need to use PIN or password protection, since all his personal data is in a distributed blockchain and is confirmed by biometric protection. iTrue never stores information on its own resources or centralized servers, so the user data is securely protected.


The iTrue development team has been developing systems based on the principles of diversified management since the second half of the 2000s. By 2015, the company has mastered blockchain technology. It was decided that using only blockchain technology to ensure maximum security for the data would not be enough. Proceeding from this, the company teamed up with professionals in the field of machine vision. They conducted tests and developed algorithms for recognizing the iris of the eye and authenticating users for the venous palm pattern for access systems for large corporate clients. It was on the basis of this synergy between the two companies that the iTrue project arose. It included such important distinctive features:

  • Ability to scale the system;
  • Using a secure network block;
  • Fast user recognition system based on biometric scanning;
  • Accessibility for both private customers and commercial organizations;
  • Ability to enable or disable geo-referencing.


  • Ticker – iTrue (ITU)
  • The nominal value of the token is 1 ITU = 0.01 US DOLLAR
  • The total number of tokens is 8 billion
  • All unsold tokens will be destroyed by a smart contract
  • Type of marker – ERC-20
  • The minimum purchase is 100 USD
  • The maximum purchase amount for the first 7 days is 100,000 USD
  • Maximum purchase from 8 days – Unlimited
  • Softcap is 7.5 million USD
  • Hardcap is $ 40 million

Pre-launch ICO

  • Participants from the USA and China who have not received accreditation to buy tokens will not be admitted.
  • The total number of tokens for sale is 960 million;
  • Discount level – 40%;
  • The value of the token is 1 ITU = 0.006 USD;
  • Duration of sales – 4 weeks;

Distribution of tokens:

  • ITrue Fund – 22%;
  • Development team – 10%;
  • Consultants – 7%;
  • Bonuses and free distribution – 1%;
  • For sale – 60%.

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