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LALA World (“LALA”) is a holistic ecosystem for the unbanked, starting with the migrants and their families back home. The ecosystem not only revolves around financial inclusion but also bringing together communities at grassroots level, solving real-life issues faced by this population by real partnerships with governments, NGO’s, local communities and integrating biometrics, blockchain and distributed ledger technology to bring everyone together.



The migrant and their unbanked families in emerging and frontier markets have been suppressed for the longest time without any access to basic services, financial or otherwise. About 2.4 billion poor people worldwide are often excluded from free movement, basic rights which often leads them to corruption, crime, including slavery, human trafficking and in extreme cases, death. Banks, financial institutions and even local financiers do not participate in these markets because they are not able to adequately assess price risks. Lack of reliable identification systems, financial data, unreliable intermediaries, zero credit history and unpredictable legal systems further limit the capital available for financial inclusion at grassroots. This uncertainty and severely limited access to financing and other financial products cripple’ individuals, micro-entrepreneurs, small businesses, stymies growth and entrenches poverty. LALA World is all set to change that.

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  • LALA Wallet: LALA Wallet provides single point access to all financial services in the LALA World ecosystem. It gives multiple top up and cash out options, hold fiat or multiple cryptocurrencies, with a host of financial services like money transfer, lending, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products at your fingertips.
  • LALA ID: Premise of your LALA Wallet starts by creating a single digital identity that you can carry globally – LALA ID. It is a culmination of state-of-the-art biometrics, digitization of national identity documents and comprehensive verification. It is protected on the blockchain thus available anywhere in the world without the need for any physical documentation to carry on person.
  • LALA Transfer: LALA Transfer allows its users to send remittances back home easily, quickly and at very low costs using LALA Tokens as the central element on Blockchain. The best part is recipient can cash out can cash-out the balance via LALA shops, LALA force, Local meetups using inbuilt GPS feature and via LALA card as well.
  • LALA Lends: LALA Lends, a P2P and Microlending platform, allows borrowers to meet their financial needs and at the same time lenders to capitalize on their savings on the basis of LALA ID and LALA Score.
  • LALA Kit: LALA Kit contains LALA Free Phone, Sim Card, Insurance and in the Future a LALA Card.LALA Kit is for everyone; A small business, grocery store, unbanked or a migrant labour. Buy LALA Kit from your nearest store or partner locations and be plugged into the financial system instantaneously. No bank integrations, no filling of forms, no long queues, just activate your ID and sync with the phone inside, start using, get paid, receive money.

Technological Characteristics

At the moment a mix of Ethereum for ERC20 compliant LALA Token and Stellar for transactional basis is the best Blockchain solution available to build LALA World platform.

  • LALA Transfer Cross-border payment wallet will utilize 2 Blockchains – Ethereum and Stellar
  • KYC will be handled by LALA ID systems and KYC data will be stored in Blockchain and decentralized storage
  • LALA Lends P2P lending business logic will be based on Ethereum Smart Contracts and Stellar Chaincodes

Eventually, LALA may opt for his own decentralized public Blockchain but for now, LALA is building ERC20 compliant LALA Token and also looking at ERC223 on Ethereum main net.

LALA Token

To begin with, when a user signs on, they automatically create his single global digital identity – LALA ID, send and receive money (LALA Transfer), pay bills (LALA Bill Pay), borrow and lend fiat as well as cryptocurrency (LALA Lends) all put together as the LALA World Ecosystem revolving around LALA Token as the key element.

LALA Token is an ERC20 loyalty token, also referred to as utility token, with various functionalities mentioned in the whitepaper. Out of 250 Million LALA Tokens, 150 million LALA Tokens to be distributed to purchasers during the pre-ICO and the ICO.

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