LaneAxis is a patented (U.S Patent # 9928475) blockchain-based platform that creates a Ship-to-Carrier network powered by smart contracts. Lane Axis aims to transform the trucking and freight industry by deploying blockchain for data integrity and security of transportation. It will empower shippers and carriers to streamline and automate numerous key processes. As a result, shippers and carriers will no longer have to employ costly third-party vendors.


The project officially announced its Token Sale on APR 25, 2018, but had been around for almost three years by then (the Facebook page of the project was created in 2015 and the first official tweet was published on January 15, 2016).

According to Road Map of the project, stated in the Whitepaper, the project was developing steadily and it launched the app for over the course of Aug 2015 (IOS) and June 2015 (Android).

The project has been steadily gaining publicity ever since. This is the profile of the CEO of LaneAxis – [1] – and COO – [2] – visited International Blockchain Week China as Guest Speaker in Shanghai, then followed Global Blockchain Expo in London and World Crypto Econ Tour in Singapore. LaneAxis also partnered with ICOBox that is covered by Coinstaker.

The project has successfully established its presence on social media by growing its Telegram to 5k+ users, Facebook – to 1k+ followers, Twitter – to 1k+ followers. LaneAxis also has been active on Medium and has published more than 10 articles (as of July 11, 2018).

Further plans of the project include conducting a crowd sale launching marketing initiatives to build community. In Q1 2019, LaneAxis plans to add the First shippers to the network to start beta testing “find available capacity”, beta testing “real-time tracking” etc. In Q2 2019, LaneAxis aims to begin pushing Data sets blockchain: ETA prior load pick-up, verifiable arrivals, load confirmation, in-transit, etc.

Key Features

LaneAxis positions itself as a Blockchain-powered Virtual Freight Management Solution. The LaneAxis Blockchain aims to inject total security and data integrity into the notoriously disorganized freight and logistics sectors. Utilizing smart contracts on the blockchain’s immutable ledger, Lanexis will enable Shippers and Carriers to deal directly with each other, thus bypassing expensive third party freight brokers.

LaneAxis is an industry first technology.

It eliminates the need for 3rd party brokers.

Blockchain enables the maintenance of immutable shipment records.

LaneAxis virtually eliminates shipment disputes by facilitating the maintenance if immutable, timestamped shipment records.

LaneAxis utilises Predictive AI for Available Loads/Capacity


LaneAxis application is currently available in both App Store and Google Play.

Token Sale

Token Sale is conducted as follows:

  • Private Sale: ‘up to 60%’ bonus on purchase.
  • Pre-Sale: ‘up to 50%’ bonus on purchase.
  • Public Sale: ‘0%’ bonus on purchase.

Total supply: 500 000 000 AXIS

Token Sale price: 1 AXIS = 0.1 USD

Type of token: Utility

Protocol: ERC20

Token Allocation

Token Sale 60% 300 000 000
Team 10% 50 000 000
Reserve 17% 15 000 000
Logistic Community 10% 15 000 000
Bounty 3% 15 000 000

Token Information

According to the White Paper of the project, the “AXIS” token will serve as the gateway to LaneAxis’ immutable ledger, digitally tied to the LaneAxis blockchain. The “AXIS” utility token will function as an API access key, as well as a means of transacting services, features, and rewards within the LaneAxis blockchain ecosystem.

Functions of AXIS Token

All transactions in the LaneAxis ecosystem will take place in Axis tokens Grant user access to real-time tracking of every shipment, from pre-pickup to final proof-of-delivery

AXIS Tokens will be used within LaneAxis’ Driver Social Community (“DSC”). Truckers who sign up to join the community will be rewarded with the AXIS Tokens. 

AXIS tokens will be used for discounts on items such as fuel, food and tires, and real-time traffic and weather conditions.

Core Team

The team of the project seems to be capable of achieving the project’s goals as, according to the website and WP, they all have relevant skills and experience in finance, marketing and software development.

Key Members

Founder & CEO – Rick Burnett: Rick’s extensive knowledge of mobile technology, blockchain technology, and deep experience in trucking and logistics makes him a natural fit to lead the laneaxis team. rick spent 15 years researching and developing a mobile-based platform that provides realtime tracking and data analytics over freight movements.

COO – Gary Heitz: An experienced blockchain enthusiast and seasoned executive professional with years of deep experience in technology, operations, consulting, and digital media, Gary has generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for iconic companies such as Dell and Google. Gary has structured complex sales initiatives, negotiated with Fortune 500 clients, and consulted for many blockchain and token organizations.

VP of Blockchain Integrations – Mason Burnett: Mason has immersed himself in the logistics and blockchain industries with years of listening to countless calls for the past decade. Being immersed in the growth of the smartphones since inception, Mason will steer the “driver social community” buildout and growth to power the further growth of laneaxis.

VP of Sales – Clint Johnson: A former Wal-Mart merchandise executive, Clint is an accomplished, results-driven executive with a proven track record of achievement in strategic planning, merchandising, supply chain, analytics, team leadership, inventory control, auditing, plan-o-grams, trade management, and key performance indicators. Clint continually identifies opportunities to increase efficiencies and realize extensive cost-savings.

VP of Trucking Operations – Matt Guinn: Matt is a trucking and logistics veteran focused on blockchain solutions for the transportation industry. Matt boasts two decades experience in the freight logistics industry, including 10 years in sales and marketing at progressive transportation services. For the past 5 plus years he has been a principal of redline enterprises. Matt will also join lead in building the “driver social community”.

Advisory Board

LaneAxis has a numerous advisory board headed by Andy Hare who has held high level management positions with software and hardware that helps improve business decision-making. Mr. Hare has an MBa from the university of Minnesota and has been a college business adjunct professor at elon university, guilford college and the university of phoenix.

The project is also advised by marketing experts Mari Hang and Cristina Rivera and ICO consultants Seul Lee and Parag Arora.

The rest of the board is made up by less prominent advisers who, nevertheless, seem to have relevant experience in logistics and supply chains, legal affairs and software development that could help the team achieve the goals of the project.

Ratings And Recognition

LaneAxis was listed on ICObench in July and immediately got 4/5 (current rating is floating between 3.8 and 4.2). In general, most of ICO rating platforms have given the project ratings: TrackICO 4.1/5.0;

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