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Litebolt ICO Review
Litebolt ICO
Ticker: LBT
ICO start: 2018-05-25 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-15 00:00:00
Price: 1 LBT = 0.7 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 37,800,000 LBT
Tokentype: EIP-20
Distributed: 40%
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH

This year, Litebolt will offer Litebolt Products such as mining equipment, Trading Bots and Mining Contracts to the market. LBT Coin will be the cryptocurrency of Litebolt, where users will be able to purchase Litebolt products such as Cloud Mining Contracts and Algorithmic Trading Bots.

As shown in our Roadmap, Litebolt will then form the Litebolt Exchange – a 40+ cryptocurrency exchange where users will be able to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. Eventually this exchange will also see Fiat integration which means users will be able to Buy/Sell their cryptocurrencies in exchange for Fiat.

Litebolt will also be forming LiteHash – the Litebolt Mining Pool. With the expansion of the Litebolt Mining Facility in Northern Europe as well as having a large user base, Litebolt will have the perfect foundation for forming multiple mining pools e.g SHA-256, SCRYPT, Blake 14R etc. for Litebolt users.



In recent years, distributed ledger technologies, i.e. cryptocurrencies have continuously been a major talking point across the finance spectrum. The technology has already begun to remodel our current economy, communication and perception of the global banking system with large companies researching and investing in their respective Blockchain integration. Regardless of bullish/bearish trends, cryptocurrencies provide fantastic investment and hedging opportunities from operations such as Mining, Trading etc.
The main goal of Litebolt is to create an entire Ecosystem built upon Investment Opportunities within the Cryptocurrency Industry.
This year, Litebolt will offer Litebolt Products such as mining equipment (e.g. X1), Trading Bots (e.g. RN2) and Mining Contracts (e.g SHA-256) to the market. LBT Coin will be the cryptocurrency of Litebolt, where users will be able to purchase Litebolt products such as Cloud Mining Contracts and Algorithmic Trading Bots.


2016: Entering a new age of digital currencies, Mr. Sebastian Gray and Mr. Krish Bhargav discussed the formation of Litebolt. Partnering with Premier Investment, Shanghai and Gold Dragon Capital, Shanghai, Litebolt was founded with the sole intention of becoming a leading crypto Investment Fund.
Q1 – Q2 2017: With the concept of Litebolt in fruition, large financial investments were made towards a mining facility in Northern Europe, ASIC miner production in China and the development of Algorithmic Trading Bots with Deep Learning.
Q3 – Q4 2017: Finalised the Litebolt X1 – The most powerful, most stylish and most efficient Scrypt miner in the World. Built several Algorithmic Trading Bots with integrated Deep Learning. Finalised plans for the expansion of our Mining Facility for the purpose of Cloud Mining Contracts.
Q1 2018: With aims to be the leading crypto investment fund in the World, Litebolt decided to open its doors to new investors and embark on its ICO. Along with the sales of the X1 and the preparation of future Litebolt Products, Litebolt had begun working on LBT coin – the cryptocurrency of Litebolt.
Q2 2018: Litebolt will have launched its ICO and X1 Sales. LBT Coin will have a total Supply of 84 million coins – unsold tokens will be burned. The X1 comes in Rose Gold, Space Silver and Matte Black with a combined total of 9000 units in Batch 1. Litebolt will begin creation of ICO investment division.
Q3 2018: Token Holders will be able to withdraw tokens and trade on and listed exchanges. Delivery of the X1 will have begun. Cloud mining Contracts will be on Sale – Purchase in Fiat or LBT. Betta Litebolt Debit Card will be issued to qualified Contract Holders. Marketing of the Litebolt RN2 – Risk Neutral Trading Bot – will commence.
Q4 2018: Sales of the Litebolt X1 Batch 2 will have begun. Sale of the Litebolt RN2 will commence as well as productising of other Litebolt Trading Bots. As well as SHA-256 and Scrypt, Litebolt will expand mining facility for Ethereum, Decred and Monero. Litebolt will create and establish LiteHash – a Litebolt Mining Pool for top 5 Algorithms. Litebolt will begin finalising the launch of a SHA-256 and Blake 14R miner.
Q1 2019: Rivalling Coinbase, Litebolt will soon have a platform that allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies in Fiat. Litebolt will begin the Research and Development of a 40+ cryptocurrency Exchange. Marketing and Development of Future Litebolt Miners will begin Litebolt will create a Litebolt Investment Division that invests in Blockchain Start-ups.
Q2 2019: Sales of Litebolt X1 Batch 3 will commence as well as a SHA-256 miner and a Blake 14R miner. Litebolt will have finalised the development of a 40+ cryptocurrency exchange Litebolt will have begun setting up the Litebolt Hedge Fund – membership can bought with LBT. Top Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold through Litebolt with Fiat.
Q3 – Q4 2019: Litebolt will begin initial investments in Litebolt Hedge Fund along with Members. Litebolt targets LiteHash to be one of the largest mining pools in the World. Litebolt will have launched a 40+ cryptocurrency Exchange – welcoming new coins.[1]


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Sebastian Gray CEO & Founder Sebastian Gray photo 2.9
Krish Bhargav COO & Co-Founder Krish Bhargav photo 2.9
Andrew Xin Senior Tech Lead Andrew Xin photo 2.9
Jason Smith Senior Executive Jason Smith photo 2.9
Sergei Tsevni Lead ASIC Designer Sergei Tsevni photo 2.9
Malcolm Gray Strategy Advisor Malcolm Gray photo 2.9
Deepak Srinivasa ASIC Design Advisor Deepak Srinivasa photo 2.9
Syed Noshahi MI & Reporting Advisor Syed Noshahi photo 2.9
Ramya Krishnappa Software Testing Advisor Ramya Krishnappa photo 2.9
Shilpa Pankaj Insurance Advisor Shilpa Pankaj photo 2.9
Bharat Rajendra Cloud Computing Advisor Bharat Rajendra photo 2.9

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