Mercatox exchange review, fees

Mercatox is a service for accessing e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets. It is a peer-to-peer exchange of electronic currencies, where users can exchange any digital title signs- E-wallet with a wide range of payment instruments for personal and commercial use-convenient and advantageous platform for trade. Mercatox ICO started on 2016-11-20.


Mercatox Review

Mercatox Review – Tutorial – How trade on Mercatox?

Mercatox is the universal and multifunctional exchange platform, which began its work in 2017. In the arsenal of the stock exchange there is an upscale selection of trading tools. A unique platform provides an opportunity to exchange all kinds of electronic media: fiat and non-monetary money, virtual coins and crypto currency. The average trading volume per day is $1 million USD.

The platform provides the following directions:

  1. Organization of exchange trade in the most popular currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Payeer, PerfectMoney, OkPay, Ya.Money, Dogecoin, Dash. The total number of supported currencies is more than 200 names, as are currency pairs.
  2. The order system.
  3. Two-stage authorization, an open list of IP addresses.
  4. Performs the role of electronic wallet with an extensive range of payment instruments for personal and commercial purposes.

How to work with Mercatox?

Basic functionality of the site

Check in. First users need to go to the official website, select the language, click “Register” and fill in all the required fields: email, a username and password. An activation link sent to users’ mail will activate a personal account.
Users may connect two-factor authentication (2FA).
Mercatox Verification. This procedure is not mandatory, but non-verified account will have restrictions on the amount of trades and the amount of withdrawal: no more than 1 MTC per day. To obtain unlimited status it is necessary to provide information on the full passport data: number and series, date of issue and by whom issued, address for registration, postal code. After that, to pass the check, users have to download the scan of the main page of the passports to the security service.

In addition, each user receives a referral link that can be sent to their friends, and if they register at the Mercatox exchange and provide it, they will receive a referral bonus of two levels: • Level 1 – 15% of their commissions; • Level 2 – 5%. Mercatox exchange offers to participate in the loyalty program, users can receive points and exchange them for discounts.

Deposits and withdrawal

The mercatox wallet is a multi-functional storage facility. Each line of the currency has buttons: • Output. The minimum amount and commission on the transaction. • Refill. Users can supplement their wallets with any currency. • Send. Users can send currency to any system user by specifying the e-mail address and the identified E-Wallet number.

The structure of the exchange

The structure of the exchange consists of 2 markets:

  1. Crypto Markets;
  2. E-Currency Markets.

At the first, traders trade digital coins, the second trades Bitcoin.

The page displaying trading operations contains:

  • schedule for changing the exchange rate of currency pairs (the ability to adjust gaps and external representations);
  • market window (with two tabs: markets for crypto currency and e-currency);
  • trade warrant (limit, market, stop-warrant);
  • deferred or working;
  • trading glass;
  • history of all trades.

Mercatox exchange provides the opportunity to be a voting participant to add a token to the listing of the exchange.


Provides a trader with funds for speculative selling on the exchange platform, and the investor can not worry about the security and receipt of interest on the loan. Commercial partnership. It is carried out under the “White Label” franchise. At the remote Peer-to-peer exchange, users exchange any digital and title signs (any bank, payment system, virtual, game, crypto currency). P2P operations consist of supporting the Mercatox secure transaction service and smart contracts, based on the Ethereum blockchain, past the purse of the exchange site.

Create an order

Users have the right to create orders using the orders of other customers. To make a transaction users need to select the order type – limit, market or stop order, after they specify the number of coins and the price. After the trader has chosen a currency pair, the automated system displays the trading volumes and price changes. Trade gaps can have a big gap: from one minute to two weeks.

During trading, traders are required to enter the chat room to correspond with money representatives in their native language.

Mercatox Fees

Commission fees for transfers are 0.25%. But for regular customers, Merkatoks reduces the amount collected by subtracting accumulated points from the balance:

  • 100 points – 0.22%;
  • 140 points – 0.19%;
  • 195 points – 0.15%.

To get hit points it is necessary to:

  • be a member of the loyalty program;
  • buy points from other participants on a special pair – Point / BTC.


  1. Multilanguage. The official site is translated into Russian, Chinese, English.
  2. Two-level affiliate program.
  3. An accessible interface.
  4. Stylish design, not distracting the user from important moments in work.
  5. Advanced functionalities – exchange on trade, currency storage, P2P exchange.
  6. Multi-stage protection system. Ensures the safety and security of customer funds.
  7. Active promotion in popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram.

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