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Ticker: MILC
ICO start: 2018-07-01 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-31 00:00:00
Price: 1 MILC = 5.59 USD
Tokens: 20,800,000 MILC
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 90,000,000 EUR
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 52%
Minimum: 200 EUR
Accepting: BTC, ETH, Fiat

Welt der Wunder TV is a substantial part of the German media industry for more than 20 years. As a broadcast network we feature and produce docutainment TV-Shows and Channels on German, Austrian and Swiss TV. They are planning a completely new blockchain-managed license, trading and sales platform offering high-quality video content for the international broadcasting, VOD and online video publishing sectors.

The distribution platform is developed and used together with our partners Swisscom Blockchain and Swiss TXT. With decades of experience, we don’t enter a new market, but solve pain points by offering a sophisticated solution – with ongoing trading and good supply and demand.

The MILC token (MIcro Licensing Coin) is a utility token and the payment medium within the platform.



Welt der Wunder TV is planning an ICO to construct a completely new blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform for high-quality video content, for the international broadcasting, VOD and online video publishing sectors.
This platform is unique and has the potential to evolve into a standard in the international licence trading sector.
In the future, it will offer all content owners the opportunity to provide their content to a global market and to
facilitate access to purchasers, advertisers and users.
Customers will be able to do business directly with the owner or the producer of the media content with automated, trust free security of blockchain regulated smart contracts. This eliminates a host of intermediaries and significantly reduces the price.
Producers, owners, as well as other platforms that require content participate in this model equally.
The name of the token is:
MILC = MIcro Licensing Coin
The token name embodies the platform’s core business model and indicates the high compatibility of the approach to other market segments dependent on license trading.
Welt der Wunder TV has been established brand in high quality content and broadcasting sector for decades. It operates in Germany (and other countries), the second largest TV market in the world, behind the USA.
Welt der Wunder TV broadcasts, produces and markets high-quality content. Welt der Wunder also purchases media content for its own TV stations in Germany Germany, Switzerland, and other countries.
Welt der Wunder has a deep network with all global leading content providers, TV stations and other media platforms and has positioned itself at the centre of the professional media industry.
In combination with blockchain technology, this knowhow and network can generate a content trading platform that will become a central interface in the global media and entertainment industry.
It is our deep experience in international content licencing and a strong understanding of the requirements of content producers and consumers that form the basis of the MILC project.
The market potential behind is enormous. The estimated turnover of the global TV industry alone in 2018 will be almost 500 billion Euros.
The most important commodity traded is, and will always be, content!
The project will significantly increase the owners and producers of media content to trade without intermediaries and with simpler, automated blockchain-optimised processes.
The sales platform shall not be an empty marketplace waiting for vendors and consumers. To kick start the adoption of the platform, Welt der Wunder TV will feed the platform with several thousand high-quality programme hours directly after completion.
The production costs of this media library exceeds 200,000,000 Euros.
The platform will immediately be in operation and create revenue flows.
The platform will also support the production (and media license sales) of high-quality programmes worthy of the global media consumption market.
The blockchain-based sales structure can easily be extended securely, allowing an ever increasing number of producers and consumers to participate. As the content on the platform grows, it will evolve into a leading market position.
The token’s success is not dependent on first establishing an underlying business model. Instead, it is designed as a utility token on the MILC-platform from the beginning in to the existing business and will be develop further there.
The MILC community plays an important part in the MILC blockchain business model, content production, distribution, and evolution of the token as a valuable utility token.
The model described herein creates the initial basis of the licensing token development. It covers the requirements of the global media industry.
There are numerous other market segments where the basis model for micro license sales can be applied. These are covered in the “Visions and Perspectives” section of this document.
In order to secure the highest degree of operational safety and the greatest chances for a successful launch, Welt der Wunder has created a consortium of top quality partners supporting the MILC blockchain sales platform. SwissTXT is the partner for the finalization of construction
and operational execution of the video platform working in collaboration with Welt der Wunder in-house developers.
SwissTXT is the technical subsidiary of the Swiss television company SRG and a highly specialised provider in the broadcast – technology and video asset management sector.
Significant components of the development have been concluded through the launch of Welt der Wunder TV. Swisscom Blockchain AG is a global player in the blockchain technology. The MILC blockchain application is implemented and operated through services provided by Swisscom Blockchain AG.


2018: ICO information.
2018 – q1/q2: Preparations Welt der
Wunder content for platform usage.
2018 – q1/q2 ff: Development blockchain
system for sales.
2018 – q2 ff: Expansion of the blockchain
shop system for sales.
2018 – q1/q2 ff: Development blockchain
system for sales.
2018 – q3/q4 ff: Start of international
sales: Europe / inclusion of
additional content partners.
2018 – q4 ff: Start of international sales:
USA/Canada/inclusion of
additional content partners.
2019 – q1 ff: Start of international
sales: Asia / inclusive of
additional partners.
2019 – q2 ff: Start of international sales:
Reset of World / Inclusion of
additional content partners.[1]


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Helmut Rebstock Co-Founder and Chairman Advisor Helmut Rebstock photo 3.8
Daniel Benninger CEO a.i. und Verwaltungsrat Advisor Daniel Benninger photo 3.8
Robin Ribback Innovation Manager – R&D Networks – ict Projects Advisor Robin Ribback photo 3.8
Daniel Haudenschild CEO Advisor Daniel Haudenschild photo 3.8
Sven Moller Head of ICO Advisory Advisor Sven Moller photo 3.8
Hendrik Hey Founder & Managing Director Team Hendrik Hey photo 3.8
Eugen Nussbaum Senior Producer & Corporate Development Team Eugen Nussbaum photo 3.8
Manuel Mariadassou Chief Technical Officer Team Manuel Mariadassou photo 3.8
Esther Hey Head of Sales Team Esther Hey photo 3.8
Sandra Leinfelder Online Editor Team Sandra Leinfelder photo 3.8
Anna Vogt TV Editor Team Anna Vogt photo 3.8
Kosta Gerodimos Technical Director Team Kosta Gerodimos photo 3.8
Theo Theodoridis Web Developer Team Theo Theodoridis photo 3.8
Ilya Bychkov Web Developer Team Ilya Bychkov photo 3.8
Manuela Peter Management Assistant Team Manuela Peter photo 3.8
Gabriele Franz Accounting / Controlling Team Gabriele Franz photo 3.8
Philipp Maasberg Editor Team Philipp Maasberg photo 3.8
Larissa Melville Online Editor Team Larissa Melville photo 3.8
Charlotte Faul Online Editor Team Charlotte Faul photo 3.8
Holly Hey TV Editor Team Holly Hey photo 3.8
Tom Stahl Market Researcher Team Tom Stahl photo 3.8

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