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Monax, oficially Monax Industries Limited, is a blockchain and smart contract software technology company founded in 2014. Incorporated as “Eris Industries” and previously known as “Eris”, the company changed its name to Monax in October 2016.[1] The firm has offices in London, Berlin, and Connecticut.



Coin Interview with Brian Fabian Crain of Monax (formerly Eris Industries)

Monax provides a free and open-source platform to assist developers to build, ship and run blockchain and smart contract-based applications for business systems and processes. Monax includes a reimplementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine; the company also sells smart contract software development kits (SDKs) and support services[2] to firms investigating the applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.


The word “monax” is part of the binomial name for a groundhog (marmota monax). The company uses a logo of a groundhog and employees and community members are often referred to as “marmots.”[3]

Impact and users

Monax’s technology has a database-centric, rather than cryptocurrency-centric, approach to blockchain technology.

Their software is used by 40 member banks of the R3 distributed ledger consortium[4]

In November 2016 SWIFT, an 11,000-member financial market infrastructure provider, announced two blockchain prototypes, automating a corporate bond and ISO 20022 messaging, both using Monax’s software.

In March 2017, Monax joined the Hyperledger project and its submission, co-sponsored by Intel, was accepted in April 2017.

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