NEXT exchange is a hybrid digital asset exchange (HEX) based out of the Netherlands and Britain. NEXT runs on top of its own blockchain with a strong focus on providing anyone with convenient access to digital assets.

We provide our users with individual Blockchain addresses for each asset as well as the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies, such as the USD, EUR and soon RUB, GBP, YEN, TRY in addition to classical pairings such as BTC, ETH and of course our protocol token NEXT, which is paired with each asset and carries unique properties.

NEXT Ecosystem

NEXT aims to combat the common issues amongst centralized and decentralized exchanges by providing every trader with their own wallet and unique address for each cryptocurrency. Ultimately, our goal is to provide traders with sole control over their wallets with the help of our own blockchain, NEXT.chain​.

NEXT Ecosystem is a new generation digital asset ecosystem that supports the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and fortification of the tokenized and decentralized economy. ​The functionalities and features of the NEXT ecosystem make it a comprehensive platform to trade, store, explore and utilize cryptocurrencies with an impenetrable security layer and near zero technology barriers. ​a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange (HEX). It seeks to strike the right balance between the features of centralized and decentralized exchanges by providing a solid remedy for issues experienced by both. With the liquidity and functionality advantage of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, it offers impassable security and privacy standard of a decentralized exchange.

~NEXT.chain: the blockchain that acts as the backbone for the hybrid trading platform. Developed in house our team.

~NEXT.genesis: a platform that will allow Initial Exchange Offerings or IEOs and Security Token Offerings or STO’s. NEXT.chain allows the deployment of any type of digital assets, making it a powerful foundation for companies or securities to enter the world of digital assets. NEXT.genesis is a place for investors to speculate on new start-ups, and also a place for these start-ups to raise funds which are needed to manifest their ideas and become successful.

Team and Company is a public limited company (BV) registered in the Netherlands, as well as a Limited company (LTD) in England and Wales. The company’s legal entities and the core team of NEXT are based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The NEXT team consists of five core team members and three advisors. The team can be viewed here

NEXT.chain Masternodes

Masternodes are the PoS layer of the NEXT.chain. Primary requirements to operate a NEXT Masternode include 25,000 NEXT, a server with 24/7 uptime, and completion of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification.

NEXT.chain masternodes are responsible for upholding transactional privacy, executing instant transactions and upholding the decentralized network of NEXT.chain. In general, transaction speeds are one of the most prominent features offered by any state-of-the-art blockchain. Transaction locking is a feature that prevents double spending on Next.chain. Current systems (for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum) use block confirmation as an assurance against the double spend. The problem with block confirmations is that it takes a while for a given transaction to be confirmed. Transaction locking exists to improve upon block confirmation and to significantly speed up transactions on the NEXT.chain. Masternodes are selected algorithmically to receive a transaction locking message, after which they vote on the validity of the transaction lock. If the selected Masternodes do not reach consensus then the transaction will resort to a standard confirmation for the assertion of transaction validity.

Masternodes are utilized as observers and are given greater authority in regard to InstantSend transactions, and by doing this, double spend protection can be guaranteed whilst ensuring low transaction times. Using Masternodes as such contrasts to how merchants currently obviate double spends in other cryptocurrency systems; where clients observe a network and signal to the merchant if any double spending attacks are identified. Tokenomics and algorithms can be found here

Merge Mining

Merge mining opens up the possibility of mining on one blockchain while being able to receive rewards as if one were mining two separate blockchains at the same time. NEXT is merge mined with Bitcoin. In our case, NEXT.chain acts as the child chain, while Bitcoin acts as the parent chain. Our goal with Merge Mining is to provide an initial boost for mining power on the NEXT.chain. We provide our users with a SHA256 Merge Mining Pool. More information can be found here

      Additional information will be provided within a technical whitepaper to be released at a later date. 


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