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Onasander ICO
Ticker: ONA
ICO start: 2018-07-22 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-23 00:00:00
Price: 1 ONA = 0.0008 ETH
Tokentype: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Minimum: 0.1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

First decentralized investment bank crowdfunded using blockchain technology. The investment fund will pay dividends to all of our Onasander ICO token holders, as percentage of profits will be quarterly distributed to those who invested in our company.

The investment fund will pay 10% dividend to all of our Onasander ONA token holders, as percentage of profits will be quarterly distributed to those who invested in our company. Onasander fund will turn regular profits, because of our experience, and because of its unique Asset Price Analysis Software called Onasander.

Their goal is to execute a very successful ICO, open up an investment fund, and take advantage of the upcoming stock recession, volatility, and price swings, all along benefitting our investors with dividends, and high token valuations. With time, the objective will be to manage wealth for our clients and grow the bank.

The climate for opening up an investment fund is perfect. They are living in interesting times. Free money flowing from central banks to in debt and bankrupt governments around the world created a major global bubble in many asset classes, where prices have reached an extreme. They are standing in front of an opportunity to open up a financial institution and make tremendous financial gains right from the start. The upcoming recession in the world financial markets will create price volatility, and opportunities for years to come. Using our unique Onasander trading software, we can foresee price movements and benefit from it.

The Asset Price Analysis Software is the key to our success. Their market tools developed over two decades have no competition in the financial world. They allow us to predict market moves, see upcoming recessions, identify bubbles, find major tops, spot asset price bottoms, and successfully trade in all market conditions.



Onasander is a New York City based investment fund dating back to 2001, with a two-decade history of investing in multiple asset classes. They are the pioneer in financial market analysis and investments. Onasander is currently on a path to become the first decentralized Investment Bank with the help of Blockchain crowdfunding technology. Onasander ICO is scheduled for 2018.
Their mission is to provide the most optimal investment plans for clients. Over the years we developed unique Asset Price Analysis Software called Onasander. Onasander software tracks prices of all tradeable assets, analyzes their behavior, and turns the outcome of that behavior into an investment plan. 
This unique software gives us the edge over every other fund or investment bank. With the help of our software, we aim to time the markets perfectly, producing tremendous gains for our clientele.
The firm started as an investment fund for family and few friends. With the invention of cryptocurrencies and it’s Ethereum based Smart Contracts, we noticed an opportunity to make the next step. They are standing in front of a chance to turn our “local” fund into a globally based fully fledged investment fund, and with time convert it into an investment bank.


January 2018: Hire Onasander ICO Team.
March 2018: Write the Whitepaper.
April 2018: Onasander Website.
May 2018: Develop Onasander Smart Contracts.
May 2018: Register Legal Entities for the company.
June 2018: Prepare Marketing Plan. Reach to Investors. PRE ICO 1/ Pre-Sale.
September 2018: PRE ICO 2/ Pre-Sale.
November 2018: PRE ICO 3/ Pre-Sale.
July 2019: Apply for SEC Regulation A+ compliance in USA.
January 2019: ISO Sale.
February 2019: Allocate ICO Funds. Lease Offce Spase. Get Listed on Crypto Exchanges. Start the Investment Fund. Establish Company Departments. Purchase and Deploy Company Management Software.Develop Company Policies.
March 2019: Hire Team Members. Open Up Trading Accounts in Different Markets and Countries .
April 2019: Develop Dividend Distribution Software for Token Holders.
May 2019: Develop Company Software for Asset Management.
June 2019: Develop Onasander Crypto Exchange.
November 2019: Hire Financial Advisors for Wealth Management Departments.
March 2020: Expend Wealth Management Line of Business.
Q4 2020: Create Onasander Financial Products.
Q1 2021: Offer Onasander Products to Clients.
September 2021: Hire Investment Bank Experts.
January 2022: Create Investment Bank Conversion Strategy.
May 2022: Prepare the Company for an Investment Bank Conversion.
September 2022: Expend all Departments to Cover Most Common Lines of Business.
June 2024: Turn Investment Fund into Investment Bank.
June 2028: IPO of the investment Bank.[1]


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Andrzej Wegrzyn FOUNDER & CEO https://www.linkedin.com/in/andre-wegrzyn-3862a7161/;https://twitter.com/OnasanderICO;https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO Andrzej Wegrzyn photo 3.9
Minbo Min ENTREPRENEUR/ICO ADVISOR https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO;https://www.linkedin.com/in/minbo-min-95baa010b/ Minbo Min photo 3.9
Anna Kravitz CFO https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO;https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-kravitz-b256b1166/ Anna Kravitz photo 3.9
Raj Singh SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO Raj Singh photo 3.9
Adam Wagner IT LEAD AND DEVELOPMENT https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO;https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-wagner-422412166/ Adam Wagner photo 3.9
Sivalika Arumalla ICO ADVISOR https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO;https://www.linkedin.com/in/sivalika-arumalla-b47960155/ Sivalika Arumalla photo 3.9
Robert Muer IT SECURITY AND DEVELOPMENT https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO;https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-muer-b97742165/ Robert Muer photo 3.9
Victor Ekpo CONTENT WRITER/MARKETING ADVISOR https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO;https://www.linkedin.com/in/victorekpoonline/ Victor Ekpo photo 3.9
Mike Brown BLOCKCHAIN ENTHUSIAST/ICO ADVISOR https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO;https://onasander.com/team.html Mike Brown photo 3.9
Jessie Derecho ADMINISTRATOR https://www.facebook.com/OnasanderICO Jessie Derecho photo 3.9

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  1. http://onasander.com/

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