Open Trading Network

Open Trading Network (OTN) is a project created with the support of international binary broker IQ Option. OTN connects unorganized block networks and thus eliminates many technological problems.



Open Trading Network was designed as a decentralized network where users can safely, quickly and transparently change cryptocurrencies.

According to the developers, the Open Trading Network project will be of interest to individuals, commercial organizations and traders.


  • General availability. The system is not limited by the interests of banks and major financial players. Therefore, anyone can use the OTN network and get tokens that are converted within it.
  • Insurance coverage. All users are guaranteed the fulfillment of all conditions specified in the smart contracts being created.
  • Universal tokenization. With its help, market participants can exchange and distribute both conventional and digital assets. Everything happens without complicated conditions and high fees.
  • Ultra-fast integration. By optimizing the quorum and modular architecture, many block networks can be combined into a single system in minimal time.

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