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Protoshares is a new Bitcoin-derived cryptocurrency from Invictus Innovations. It is unique in that instead of being a currency that trades on the merits of the currency or its network, it trades on the future value of the products that Invictus will deliver to whomever holds them. It is unique among coins because it has a tangible reason to hold it, such as periodic and significant payouts of new cryptocurrency.



Protoshares cryptocurrency was created in 2013. Currently in circulation is 1 000 000 coins, with a limit of 2 000 000 coins. The system has inflation, which is equal to 1%. Emission-10 coins per minute. Protoshares course-28 dollars[1].

The concept of Protoshares is that users are offered not only a virtual currency, but also a share in the system itself. Coins in this system are positioned as shares, whose owners will profit from other digital products that will be created by Invictus Innovation. Of course, not now, but in the long term[2].

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