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Ripio Credit Network – RCN

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) is a global credit network based on cosigned smart contracts that connects lenders and borrowers located anywhere in the world and on any currency. The smart contracts connect agents with information on the borrower’s identity to agents that analyze the borrower’s credit risk impartially, thus standardizing credit lending through blockchain technology. A cosigner acts as a reinsurer that distributes and reduces the lender’s risk and, at the same time, helps to improve the contract conditions by retaining access to the borrower’s local legal system.

ICO start date: 2017-10-17


Ripio Credit Network Review

Ripio Credit Network – ICO, Review, Token

The platform was first launched in May 2016. A token sale is taking place throughout October. The full-featured platform is expected to go live in April 2018.

The company was formerly known as BitPagos. The name Ripio means “gravel” in Spanish. The name was chosen because gravel serves as a foundation for new roadways, just as “Ripio aims to build new roads throughout the digital economy.” The RCN whitepaper also describes the company as “one of the most promising bitcoin-blockchain startups in Latin America.”[1]

Ripio is led by Founder and CEO Sebastian Serrano, the former CEO of DevsAr. The company is registered in Grand Cayman under the name Ripio International. The company launched a testnet of Ripio Credit Network in August 2017. Full scale completion of the project is scheduled for December 2017.

What is RCN?

Ripio Credit Network, or RCN, is a protocol that aims to bring enhanced transparency and reliability to the worlds of credit and lending. The protocol uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable a connection between lenders and borrowers located anywhere in the world, regardless of their currency.

RCN aims to provide value by reducing the traditional banking brokerage costs and management fees. The end result is a better credit alternative than anything available today, with better conditions available for both sides.

RCN also aims to neutralize the lender’s credit risk by including an intermediary agent called “the Cosigner”. In case of a default, there’s an “alternative mechanism for managing the debt collection in the borrower’s country of residence.”

Ripio Credit Network ICO

The RCN token will function at the core of the system. The system will facilitate loans via smart contracts, and RCN tokens will be required for access to the platform. The requirement of the token means its inherent value is in relation to demand for use of the network – ultimately, probably a positive aspect when considering the purpose of the token.

Nevertheless, without having yet advertised the price of the token, Ripio has said they will be generating a total of 1 billion tokens, and that 490 million of them will remain in their custody. Depending on the opening price of the token, it may not matter. Again, we do not currently have this information, and this review will be updated when and as the information becomes available.

51% of the tokens available during ICO:

  • 42.5% maximum available during pre-sale. $31M has been invested during pre-sale, but we do not know how many tokens have been bought;
  • 8.5% available during the crowd-sale (maybe a bit more if all the pre-sale tokens have not been purchased already).

The Ripio ICO token will be used to execute smart contracts by the several types of participants in the Ripio Credit Network. The types of participants are:

  • Borrower;
  • Lender;
  • Wallet provider;
  • Scoring agent;
  • Oracle;
  • ID verifier;
  • Cosigner;
  • Credit exchange;

Perhaps the two most important types of participant are the wallet provider and the Cosigner, at least when it comes to the network in practice. Lenders will (we assume) inevitably find their way to the platform through self-interest alone, although we are prepared to admit that this is an assumption and not an assurance[2].

More information in the project whitepaper:

RCN Token

RCN tokens are the backbone of Ripio Credit Network. 51% of the total supply of RCN tokens will be made available to the public through token sales.

The token sale was held for October 17, 2017. There will be a total supply of 1 billion tokens. the maximum amount sold during the pre-sale will be 42.5%; the minimum crowdsale amount will be 8.5%; fund previsions will be set at 34%; and the network bootstrapping pool is set at 15%.

RCN Coin Price

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