Rise is a digital service for the development of Dappsand smart contracts. The platform makes it possible to use different programming languages, and in addition, separate side chains. In other words, the user can use coin-based software without having to download the entire blockchain. The resource is based on the source code of the Lisk platform and sees its main task as popularization of electronic money technology, as well as increasing the overall level of security.



The key goal of the Rise project is to provide access to intuitive and understandable user interfaces that simplify the development of own blockchain-based systems. The service team believes that it is not necessary to bother yourself with a very difficult from a technical point of view process of creating and subsequent long-term debugging of a new chain of blocks, if you can refer to the ready-made solution in the performance of the Rise platform. It is equipped with the necessary tools to work on applications of any kind and complexity.

The platform is based on Lite technology. It offer a full set of development tools called Software Development Kit, which is used by specialists in the creation of various software packages, software or operating systems. The JavaScript language is used as the basis. But the Rise team has greatly expanded the possibilities of the Lite service, adding Python, Java, C# and many others to the number of languages supported. The aim of the changes was to improve the convenience of users, including ordinary members of the network. All available languages have an easy-to-use graphical interface. To work with them, users do not need to have any special skills or knowledge, and therefore the development of decentralized applications is available for even an absolute beginner. Of course, the full development of the Rise tools will take some time, however, the study of the main functions will take no more than an hour. Platform developers intend to promote services based on blockchain, significantly facilitating the process of their creation for amateurs. However, at the moment, the promotion of the resource has slowed down due to the presence of competing sites and the recent delisting of the domestic currency.


A slightly modified version of the Delegated Proof-of-Stake method is responsible for the production of tokens here. In accordance with this algorithm, mining is carried out by a special team of users, which are called delegates and are determined by universal voting. Those who were able to take the leading line, are able to produce internal coin Rise.

The earned coins are transferred to the electronic wallet and in the future begin to bring a certain income. It is proportional to the amount of savings — the more money on the account, the higher the percentage. One of the two types of wallet is available for token transfer: hardware and online.


The crowd sale of the coin Rise was held from early May to mid-June 2016. The project managed to attract about one and a half thousand Bitcoins or 1 million dollars. To date, more than 110,000 coin have been produced.

On the trading floors, tokens appeared immediately after the ICO. Then the cost of one coin did not exceed 0.007 USD. The uptrend has emerged in the summer of 2017. The highest price the coin reached in December 2017 – almost 2 USD. Now, against the background of bearish trends, the price of Rise tokens has fallen quite strongly.

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